Friday, 4 September 2015

The day it didn't rain

Summer is slowly coming to an end. There is a faint chill in the air, and Facebook is thriving with proud parents posting pictures of their offspring, in school uniform, standing against a door frame.
Oh and it poured with rain on the last bank holiday Monday of the year. Which was a shame, but nevertheless, predictable.
Fortunately it didn't rain all bank holiday weekend, so myself, Mark and Tommy enjoyed a day out by the harbour.

Maldon is about half an hour's drive from the cottage and worth spending a day at.

I do love a beach hut. These can be hired for £50 a day apparently, maybe next year?

Casually sitting in front of the beach hut.

Playing in the sand.

Here's Tommy! He loved running in and out of the little wooden house.

In the little house.

Through the hole.


Amel said...

What lovely photos! The beach hut looks tempting to rent. :-D I wonder how big it is (as there's no comparing with a human being next to it).

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

I've uploaded another picture, this time of Tommy sitting in front of the beach hut. This might give you more of an idea of size? But they're not that big really, one of the doors was open to another one, and I glanced inside, enough space for a small table and chairs, and put all your bits and bobs!

Amel said...

Ah yes, thanks, Nikki. I've also seen the photo you shared on FB, the one where someone was selling/renting a hut like this and from that photo I got a clear idea what could be put inside. A good place to spend a day at the beach and take a nap inside, too LOL!!!