Monday, 24 August 2015

Whatever you do Tommy, don't look behind you!

Being of similar age, and only a fifteen minute car journey away, I spent a lot of my childhood days with my cousins.
Strawberry picking, picnics in the park, and long bike rides - just a few of the happy and simple things we used to indulge in.
This was before the Internet, when kids used to play outside! Isn't that what people harp on about these days? Although to be fair, we did play indoors as well, on rainy days, and days when we wished to play board games and dress up as Cowboys and Indians. I have some great pictures of us in costume!
But I do remember the great big outdoors always being so appealing. Fresh air and adventures, that's what it was all about.
We didn't own a computer until years later, and even then it was very limited in its games and access. It was called 'a green screen' due to the animations being many shades of green. Yes it was very basic, but back then it was seen as quite an achievement.
I know you have to move with the times sometimes, and I'm aware there are now virtual, colour, games which are competitive and fun. Yet I do agree that kids shouldn't be stuck in front of a screen for hours. They need to get out there and use their imaginations, run around and do something inexpensive and fun.
That's my theory anyway. And I'm hoping it will rub off on Tommy and his upbringing. We've spent a lot of time in the garden this summer, playing in his sandpit and tent, watering the flowers, and collecting stones. He's still fairly young when it comes to understanding some activities, but he's getting there. Of course the nice weather helps, and the fact we're lucky enough to have a reasonably good sized garden.
Plus we have a park and a forest all within walking distance.
And Tommy also has a cousin of similar age, a short car journey away. I do hope they remain good friends and spend many a cherished childhood playing and laughing together. As did I and my cousins.
So far, so good.


Here I am!

The wigwam made of sticks.

"Whatever you do Tommy, don't look behind you!" said Will.


Amel said...

Aaahhhh...I'm pleased that he's got a cousin of a similar age to play with outside. I remember the green screen! :-D Such simple games at that time, but they brought fun and joy, too. Very very basic compared to how crazily creative (and visually beautiful) the games these days can be he he...I hope Tommy will get to have plenty of solid friends all over the world!

The World According To Me said...

You had a green screen too? I loved my green screen, Roland on the ropes and Oh Mummy were my fav games!
I second that - plenty of solid friends all over the world!
Def still want to visit your part of the world one day.