Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The surprise party with a giant slide

I do love a party. Especially a surprise garden party, with a marquee, flowing champagne, and a giant, inflatable slide.
It was Mark's uncle's surprise 80th birthday bash last weekend. And here are my memories of the day.

I treated myself to a new dress for the occasion, with butterflies.

Don't forget the wine and card!

Waiting for the birthday boy.


Mark and Tommy by the entrance to the giant slide, bouncy castle and football game.

The adults had great fun on this. Sorry, I was too busy scoffing chocolate cake, so didn't take any pics of family in action.

Tommy mowing the lawn (pretend mower, of course).

Tommy and his cousin, admiring the view.

Entering the pink house.

Playing in the pink house.

Anyone need a lift home?

We had a fabulous time. The sun was shining, kids and adults bounced and slid. Mark's uncle was chuffed. Mark's cousins house and garden are the stuff dreams are made of. Tommy cried when we had to go home.


Amel said...

Awww bless Tommy! He didn't want it to end he he he...That's a really gorgeous dress, Nikki. Love the photos and would love to slide down, too (and have at least a piece of chocolate cake ha ha...).

Maria said...

That's the sign of a great time. When the kids cry when it's time to go home....

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. The chocolate cake was so nice I had two slices! Ssh, don't tell anyone.

The World According To Me said...

You're right Maria, at least it showed he had a good time! Even Mark was reluctant to go home, but he was brave and didn't shed a tear.

Amel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH...my lips are sealed! :-D