Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Once upon a time, well, approximately twenty years ago...

There was a young lady called Nikki. She was not a beautiful princess, nor did she live in a big castle. She did, however, kiss a lot of frogs until she met her Prince Charming.
And oh how she liked to party! Twirling around in her leather trousers, clutching her bottle of cider, and shouting the lyrics of her favourite tunes, all to her heart's content.
See, I told you she was not a princess.
She was young and carefree, full of promises and expectations, surrounded by wonder and curiosity for life.
If only she'd known, it's not all about the cheap cider and loud music. But let's forgive her for her innocence and naivety.
She also had friends, not servants or maids. Real life, twenty first century friends, who listened and didn't mind posing for photographs and looking silly.
Now, all things considered, that's true friendship!
Non-princess Nikki liked to holiday in such extravagant places as the Greek islands. The islands who hosted Karaoke evenings, and two-for-the-price-of-one cocktail nights.
No one could deny her and her chums the experience of this, surely!
What hedonistic days they were! No commitments, no debts, no hair dye. Just long, hazy days, with Greek salads, and water with no ice cubes please.
It was a time when 'getting ready' consisted of approximately two hours. This was mainly due to the 'chuck it all in' concoction of alcohol, good old fashioned talking, applying of lip liner and common questions such as, "Does my bum look big in this?"
History's loss was Nikki's gain, or something like that.
Which brings my fairy tale to it's present time. Twenty or so years later, 'I'm not a Princess Nikki' decided to reinvent history! Abandon hope ye all who enter here! Let's pose like those pictures we found recently and laughed at. Let's recreate scenes.
So that's what they done, and below is the evidence.

Yes that is me, on the right, with brown hair!

Here we all are twenty years later, trying to recreate the scene.

Pointing our fingers, after Karaoke.

Twenty years later


Amel said... nice that you got to recreate those moments with your friends. It's heartwarming to see friendships that last. Precious, precious memories!

The World According To Me said...

Yeah we're lucky we are still in each other's lives, we don't get together often enough but when we do it's brilliant.
By the way, check out your post! Finally got round to making/sending you a card! Sorry it took so long! Posted it today.