Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hurray for the summer

Making daisy chains on the lawn, strawberry ice-cream melting in the sunshine, sizzling barbecues in the garden, long, lazy days - the summer has officially arrived.

First stop, the local garden centre, just a few minutes walk from the cottage, to stock up on sunflowers and Anemones.

And not forgetting cottage garden blooms for my hanging baskets.

A visit to a charming local pub, with duck pond and play area for Tommy.

Here's Tommy enjoying his blackcurrant fruit drink.

Here's Tommy again, collecting daisies in the garden of the pub opposite the cottage. It's been named as the second best pub garden in Essex. Quite a claim to fame! I can confirm it's very pretty and Tommy loves running around and playing football with daddy.

He also likes playing with his cars.

And standing on the bench.

It's also perfect weather to invite family for afternoon tea in our garden.

Hurray for the summer.


Amel said...

Reminds me of my nephews (bro's sons). They both love cars, too he he...what a gorgeous day out! And cakes!!!! Nikki! Unfairrrr!!! Good thing I bought a chocolate cake roll yesterday (couldn't resist) he he...trying to balance it out by eating lots of fruit LOL!!!

The World According To Me said...

Chocolate roll, yum. I do that too, eat fruit the next day!
Yeah boys and their cars hey.