Monday, 29 June 2015

The house on the cliff top

Mark and I are back from our yearly trip to Cornwall, because unfortunately we didn't win the National Lottery or the the EuroMillions.
If we had of won, we could have purchased the stunning house on the cliff top (even though it wasn't for sale). Or called both our offices to inform we would not be returning to work, due to unforeseen circumstances (we have both agreed we will not expose our wealth, in case it should lead to jealousy and animosity).
Then we'd throw a huge party. And drink champagne from gold plated flutes. And George Michael would be our star guest.
Aren't fantasies great. Sometimes I wonder if half the fun is the fantasising.
Mark and I often spend our pretend money on a cottage in the Cotswolds, a chateau in the South of France, a holiday home in Cornwall, and a country style, tastefully decorated mansion in the village, with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a cocktail bar, and a mini parked on the driveway for yours truly (I'm a terrible parker, so should be able to cope with a mini), and an Aston Martin and Range Rover for Mark.
Not that we're greedy!
Oh and we'd also take all our family and friends on a holiday of a lifetime. Even though we are supposed to be keeping our good fortune private.
Then we check back into reality and discuss if we can afford a takeaway at the weekend.
Believe it or not I have never really been money obsessed, I've always thought it far more important to be happy and healthy. You could be rich but lonely, loaded but poorly.
Of course not having enough money can be stressful, so you'd have to get the balance right. Comfortable and content.
And what would you do if you really did own all the money you could ever imagine possible? Rather like a Class A Celebrity; someone who has so much cash it's obscene. Would you go wild and end up with a stint in rehab? Because you had nothing left to strive for, nothing to dream about. You had it all, and guess what, it wasn't the answer. You weren't happy. Bugger!
At the risk of sounding corny, Mark and Tommy make me feel like the richest person in the world. Rich in love, luck, and happiness. I don't need winning numbers to confirm this.
Although that cliff top house in Cornwall would have been nice, the views were amazing. You should have seen it, dear readers...

Pictures to be uploaded soon.

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Amel said...

HEHEHEHEHEHEHHHHH...I agree totally that fantasies are great exactly because they're fantasies and you don't have to pay the price for your fantasies (unlike in real life where there are always consequences for your decisions). Nothing can go wrong in fantasies (unless you're fantasizing about doomsday scenarios!).

Looking forward to seeing the view from the cliff top house in Cornwall! :-D

P.S. You're not corny at all! :-D