Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Village Fayre

Thank you May, for your second bank holiday.
On this occasion, we spent the day at the village fayre, in a neighbouring village. Mark and I took my parents, and we all had such a lovely time.

It's a picturesque place, with attractions on the village green, and surrounding area.

There were stalls crammed with jewellery and arts and crafts.

Hook-a-duck for the kids.

The mad hatter stall.

Beautifully decorated Cupcakes, yes I did buy one!

This vehicle was a £1 a ride.

Tommy had lots of fun watching the children in the racing carts, and watching me win him a toy lobster.

And he loved running about, but not always the same way as us!

This adorable tea room, on the outskirts of the village green, was also an antique shop.

My mum and I happily browsed among the gems.

I spied some old postcards, this one was dated 24th September 1942 and in fancy writing it said...I do hope Betty is feeling better. We visited this gay place today, you wouldn't believe we were at war.

We then stopped for toasted sandwiches, cake and coffee (chocolate milkshake for Tommy).


Tommy pretending to read the menu (in daddy's shades).

After the fayre, we visited the garden centre. Here are my purchases. It's time to make the garden pretty again.

Then Mark disappeared to the bedroom to watch the cricket, a worn out Tommy snoozed on the sofa, so I watched a Miss Marple film and ate chocolate.
The perfect end to a perfect day.


Amel said...

Very idyllic. I'd have loved to visit the place and buy a cupcake and have a stroll around, too. :-) Thanks for sharing your photos. Sounds like a perfect day indeed.

The World According To Me said...

It was idyllic. Do you know what, when I take a picture of have a cake now, I often think, I bet Amel would like this! Strange but true.

Amel said...

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE...how lovely of you to think of me when you're taking a picture of a cake! :-)