Monday, 13 April 2015

Handmade by Clinical Melon

My friend works in a delightful little tearoom.

It sells delicious homemade cakes and cups of tea.

I popped in to see her and this charming little place.

Of course I had a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

And admired the decor. Dainty tea cups.

Mis-matched furniture.

It has a real vintage vibe to it.

Showcasing are homemade arts and crafts.

I love this cupboard, boasting clay magnets and candle holders.

Plus, wait for it, drum roll made by yours truly.

Cheerful birds and baby prams.

A footballer, a cupcake and a dinosaur.

Wedding cake and a fairy.

I call myself, Clinical Melon. (It's an anagram of my maiden name, if you were wondering why). Next stop, gift tags. Let's hope they sell!

1 comment:

Amel said...

I missed this post! No wonder I was a bit confused when I read that your friend had ordered more cards (thought they were for personal use, though). CONGRATSSSSS and have fun selling your cards! Here's to a good business!

I've always loved your photos and the angles you take. You make me want to go to this place and chit-chat with you and have trouble choosing the delicacies ha ha ha ha...