Thursday, 12 March 2015

Remembering February

So March is marching on, but let's not forget February.

It was half term for the kiddies, so I visited my cousin and her crew. Her daughter baked us all yummy cupcakes. I had 2.

I saw my friend Laura. She made me the best sarnie ever, then we walked to the park to take Tommy on the swings and so her dog could run about and chase a bulldog.

I bought Tommy a beanbag armchair so he can watch his favourite television programs in comfort. He's got the hang of this relaxing lark - sometimes!

Yippee, the daffodils are finally sprouting in the village. I couldn't resist snapping this during a recent walk. It will be Easter before we know it. And this year I am planning an Easter egg hunt. Expect pictures, no doubt.


Amel said...

Easter Egg Hunt? How exciting!!! And flowers already? YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Can't wait to enjoy all the flowers in London!

The World According To Me said...

Finally, flowers are appearing.
Do you mean how eggciting?! Just hope the sun shines on us that day.

Amel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHH...yes, how eggciting! :-D Here's to hoping for some sun!