Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cupid, draw back your bow

I used to be a hopeless romantic.
This was before I joined the real world, before I grew up.
I spent a lot of time with my head in the clouds and romantic fiction.
This did not prepare me for real life.
I remember feeling quite shocked when I realised that relationships were not all roses and hearts. They could be hard work. They also had the power to make you feel mad and sad.
Then there was Valentine's Day. What high expectations I used to have for this day. I was usually disappointed, sometimes bitterly so.
Therefore, I was actually grateful when our yearly work conference was always held over Valentines Day. This meant my hopes would not be dashed of mini-breaks, rose petals and baths of champagne (okay I didn't really expect baths of champagne, that would have been a waste, but can you see where my head used to be). Instead, I was guaranteed to be spending the evening with colleagues, dancing on tables in Cannes or Barcelona. Which wasn't a bad way to spend an evening.
Fast forward to 2015. I no longer hold Valentines Day with such high regard. I even heard myself saying to my husband Mark only yesterday, "Nah, don't worry about booking a meal anywhere, save your money. It's just another day."
Crikey, how times change. And do you know why? Because Mark does thoughtful things for me every single day. They don't have to be big gestures, it could be getting up first to prepare Tommy's bottle, so I can have fifteen minutes extra in bed. Or walking to the shops in the pouring rain to buy my shampoo, so I don't have to. Or scrubbing the walls and carpets when I projectile vomited everywhere due to a sickness bug. And what about the time I had an ulcer in my eye, and he set his alarm to put drops in my eye, every hour throughout the night. The list is endless!
Finally, I feel loved and secure and happy. So I don't mind if we stay in on Valentines Day and watch Take Me Out and drink wine, like any other Saturday night.
Of course I am not knocking anyone who does celebrate Valentines Day, and dines out by candle light, or bakes a heart shaped sponge cake to eat from the same spoon. Why not? I just hope you both remember to be thoughtful and kind to each other all the other days of the year.
Oh and for the record, I've bought some heart shaped chocolates to place on Mark's scrambled eggs in the morning. I couldn't resist them.
I guess old habits die hard.
Romance is not completely dead.

Chocolate for breakfast.

To be honest, most nights I light these. I do love candle light.


Amel said...

Bless Mark! He's so thoughtful and attentive. And you look great together. I wish you both many more loving memories to come!

P.S. That yearly work conference sounded lovely, too! :-D

Amel said...
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The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel, I am blessed to have him in my life.