Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Who killed Betty Braithwaite?

Currently, I am guzzling water with lemon each morning, digesting vitamin pills with my evening meal, keeping on top of the housework, and trying to exercise at least twice a week.
This will probably last until February. Only eleven more days to go!
Welcome to my January.
The month I decide I must stop being a lazy slob. Although in fairness, the slobby, lazy thing only seems to occur in December. Once I’ve finished all the Christmas shopping, December birthday shopping, important office duties, December birthday present exchanging, Christmas present exchanging, house decorating, and a million shopping trips to Sainsburys.
Yes, once December decides to stop being a busy bee, I like to watch telly and eat chocolate, both in vast quantities.
In my defence, I tried not to be too gluttonous last December. Because it’s not a great start to the year when my clothes feel ever so tight and the thought of one more Strawberry Cream is making me feel woozy.
However, health is important, right? Therefore I am making the effort. I am also trying to be a domestic goddess, in between writing my book.
Writing my book. There, I’ve said it out loud, to other people. Which means I have to do it now.
I’ve reached the point in my life where I don’t want to say One Day any longer. I am being bold and doing it. And I quote, from something I read on Twitter – Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic.
Okay, I might be allowing myself to become slightly carried away with the boldness thing, but can you see my point?
I’ve had an idea rattling around in that brain of mine for a while now. Actually, I have other ideas keeping it company, but let’s concentrate on one idea at a time. For I am the master of day dreaming and what if’s and strange situations. I have always believed I am one of life’s observers and thinkers. The time has come to write a book about it!
So, my theme is based on a conversation where you should not judge a book by its cover, as things are not always as they seem. The reader is immediately transported back to the 1950’s, where there are flawed characters, secrets and lies. Throughout the book you will have clues and red herrings, and in the end all shall be revealed as to who killed Betty Braithwaite.
I have an agent in mind, a company who are keen to address new writers. However, I have been warned manuscripts may be rejected due to the simple fact of the agent's high work load.
I’m wondering how many budding want-to-be authors have decided enough is enough, in January they must write their best seller? Hopefully not too many!
Of course I am prepared for rejection. Then I shall improve and keep on trying, whilst remembering Stephen King and J K Rowling almost gave up before they became legends and millionaires.
Well that’s my goal for this year.
What’s yours?


Amel said...

OHHHHHHH...SPLENDID!!! I didn't have any NY resolution last year, but this year I have one. It's to go back to my Finnish (learning more complex grammar structures, doing some exercises, and writing more regularly in my Finnish blog). The end goal is to be able to write short stories in Finnish (if not a full-blown book).

I have a second long-term goal, which is to learn Japanese again, though I'm going to wait it out until I've set this regular Finnish writing in motion first before I start learning Japanese he he...FYI, I did learn some Japanese in High School, but I've forgotten almost all of it ha ha...

I'm EXCITED for you! I've loved your style of writing, so GO GIRLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's no harm done in trying anyway!

P.S. I'll help you market your book later in my blogs/FB he he he...

Kate said...

That sounds like a GREAT plot! Can't wait to read it!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel, I do admire you and your language skills. I can just about write English, and could throw a few French sentences in for good measure!
Thank you for saying you would market my book on your blog. Can you imagine if I get that far?!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Kate, I'll let you know if it does come to that!

Amel said...

Oh yes, I can very well imagine it. :-D Then we shall have a party with George Michael's songs hehehehehehhhh...

Amel said...

P.S. You can always opt to self-publish as well. :-D