Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The zebra and the gingerbread man

It's been a very festive week, with a special guest appearance from a zebra and a gingerbread man.

On Christmas Eve I made the Christmas crackers, whilst sipping Chablis and listening to Christmas music.

I also made the place settings for Boxing Day.

Christmas morning. He's been!

The teddy in his pjs, from Tommy's stocking.

This one was as big as Tommy!

Who says frogs can't ride on buses?

Someone's been a very lucky boy.

Playing with daddy.

Pressies at nanny's house.

Tommy in a box.

I wonder what's in this bag?

The zebra ride on.

Tommy's first Christmas dinner. With paper hat.

Christmas pudding or mince pies?

Our table for Boxing Day.

The Christmas log.

The Christmas tree cheese cakes.

Chasing balloons in Mickey Mouse pjs, at my friend's birthday.

Me and my pals.

The coffee shop stop with friends. And the gingerbread man.


ChicagoWing said...

Your boy is really growing up. He looks like he's happy about Christmas. By the way, I moved back to my old blog at http://vince-s-ithaca.blogspot.com/ so if you get time.
Always enjoy reading your fine blog. Don't always have time especially with the job I have. But I'm glad you all are doing well.

Amel said...

Tommy's a lucky boy indeed. :-) And your food/drinks photos make me feel hungry and thirsty he he he he...you are an awesome hostess, Nikki! I love the way you decorate!

The World According To Me said...

Hi ChicagoWing

Nice to hear from you. I popped over to say hi and will keep popping back! I wish you a happy 2015.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

Thanks Amel, glad you like the way I decorate. And yes, Tommy is lucky, he is surrounded by so much love and attention.