Tuesday, 2 December 2014

It's arrived

It's arrived folks! It's been threatening it's presence for a while now. The temperature slowly dropped, the Christmas adverts sneaked onto our television screens, the shops stacked their shelves with gifts for loved ones. And then...boom! The 1st December arrived on my doorstep.
I couldn't be happier. Oh I do love this time of year. The twinkling fairy lights, the hot mince pies, and the thought of a very long holiday with my family.

It's here, and I have a Snowman to tell me so.

3 stockings for Father Christmas.

Tommy and his first advent calendar.

The tree is small and displayed high, we thought it would be safer with a one year old!

I've made all my cards.

And eaten mince pies, on my Christmas pudding plates. Yes it must be December if the Christmas pudding plates are out of their hiding place!

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Amel said...

Oh yeah, I took some photos of my homemade Christmas cards, but didn't dare show them on my blog 'coz one of the people I sent it to may be reading my blog, so I'll probably upload them later. LOVE your homemade Christmas cards. Loving your Christmas stuff/atmosphere/food he he...