Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A first class ticket to planet Jupiter

I was nearly too busy to read the article about being too busy.
Then I thought, how ironic.
So I decided to stop being so busy, take a five minute break, and read and learn.
Because we all do it, don’t we, we all complain at some point that we have too much going on in our lives.
And yet, most of the time, if we stopped and thought about it, the reason we have a ‘to do’ list as long as our longest ruler, is all down to us. And the impossible tasks we set ourselves. And life in 2014 being so, well, involved.
We now have email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsupp, Blogs and goodness knows what else. It could take us all day just catching up with all these apps and social media sites.
Plus the need to be living this fulfilling and quite frankly, quite often, too busy, life.
The other day a friend texted me to see how I was and I replied: V busy.
And according to this mentioned article, this is a common mistake. Why don’t we all enquire or remark on our feelings, or mood, rather than our ever growing criteria for the day?
It’s not healthy either, to expect too much out of our day, to be stressing and running about, and telling everyone how busy we are.
Take a step back people, and enjoy the ride.
Take a moment to breathe, be kind to ourselves, sit down and relax. I know sometimes this seems as likely as a first class ticket to planet Jupiter. But go on, I dare you to try it.
Hark at me, spreading my worldly advice. Let me explain that it's been a while since something I read has had such a large impact on me.
I can be my own worst enemy, fretting if the house is not nearly immaculate, stewing over deadlines in the office, trying to constantly keep in touch with friends, and now entertain and cater for Tommy.
However, I’m going to try very hard from now on to not be too busy. So what if there are Christmas presents on the kitchen table to wrap. They are not offending anyone, are they? I’ll wrap them in my own time.
It’s far more important that I spend some quality time with my family, that we chat and laugh and take some time out to just be.
I’m rather looking forward to this more relaxed approach to life.
And I’m glad that I decided after all, that I wasn’t too busy to read about being too busy.
I hope planet Jupiter is nice this time of the year.


Amel said...

Agree. Quality time is more important then being busy. Some things can wait. Wise choice, Nikki.

The World According To Me said...

Yep, I've made the right choice. Quality time is top of my to do list.