Sunday, 2 November 2014

When Peter Rabbit visited the Circus

If Peter Rabbit decided to visit the Circus, I'd like to think he would have appreciated the theme for Tommy's first birthday party. Am I making any sense? No? Oh well, let me show you my pictures instead.

Happy first birthday, Tommy.

It's tiring reading birthday cards.

I've decided I like birthdays.

And I like my new garage.

Which ball now?

Has anyone ever told you, you look like that postman off the telly?

I hope I'm a better at parking than mummy. Sssh, don't tell her I said that.

I loved my Peter Rabbit birthday themed lunch. Thank you nanny and auntie Wendy.

I even had a Peter Rabbit carousel.

With matching plates and napkins.

Tommy's Circus themed birthday party, at the local village hall. It's this way!

I'm getting the hang of this walking lark.

If only I'd used conditioner.

The man being launched from a canon photo prop was a hit.

Help yourself, kids. There's drinks and lots of food.

Tommy and granddad.

There were bubbles and circus games at Tommy's first birthday party.

Peter Rabbit, a Circus, and Tommy.
Guess which one I love the most?
Clue: He shares his birthday with me and I'm very proud of him.

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Amel said...

Happy happy happy belated birthday to the both of you. I remember being excited to hear from you when he was about to be born and I kept on checking your FB page. Tommy's such a gorgeous and happy li'l boy. I love his birthday photos. Tommy's a lucky boy surrounded with so much love. <3