Saturday, 15 November 2014

Chocolate pie and lemon tart

I've decided I quite like taking photographs of food. With the chrome setting on my iPhone.
Please find below a selection of my latest offerings.

French fancies and Peter Rabbit at Tommy's first birthday.

Chocolate pie at our local pub.

The pie stall at the food market one Wednesday evening.

Fruit and veg at said food market.

The flour station, another stall at the food market.

A trio of desserts at the wedding. Hubby and I had a fab time together.


Amel said...

UNFAIIIIRRRR...this is really a cruel torture for me. You make me drool even though I've just had lunch he he he he he...Brilliant photos, Nikki, as usual. Mouth-watering.

The World According To Me said...

I know, food pics are just cruel sometimes! It's like when I watch a cooking program, I'm so hungry looking at all that gorgeous food!

Amel said...

Oh yeah, those cooking programs are a torture, too he he he he...especially if they show food that are hard to get/make from this side of the earth he he...