Friday, 24 October 2014

A week to view

Arriving in London, to catch my train out of London, for my working day to begin.

Too much time spent inside the train station in London, due to delays on the public transport. Still, it's a rather trendy looking place, with a few good shops to browse in, so all was not lost.

Lemon cupcake. A day with lemon cupcake is a day with happiness. Need I say any more? (That's Tommy's lunch box, he had grapes, he's the healthy one.)

What a great feeling - looking at the clock leaving the train station in London. No more travelling for 3 days.

After working from home, me, Mark, Tommy and father-in-law ventured to the local pub for an early meal. Doesn't Tommy look grown up, sitting at the table waiting for his ice-cream.

I'm so rock and roll. A welcome early night with my book. The Telling Error by Sophie Hannah. It's a real page-turner, I haven't worked out the plot yet so it's intriguing.

My very special friend and her boys visited us for lunch. I love this sunshine card she brought me. I'm the blonde one, and she's the red haired one. And most gorgeous necklace accompanied the card, with Tommy's name and date of birth. Expect pics in another post.

That was my week to view, dear readers. Hope you liked it.


Amel said...

WOW!!! Amazing photos. Love them all. What a week you've had, Nikki. And yes, Tommy did look grown up. I would have said it myself if you hadn't written it first he he...Handsome li'l chap he is!

The train station is just gorgeous! And the clock tower looks sturdy and beautiful with the cloudy backdrop. Speaking of books, I've just got a 5% discount from Bookdepository (it ends next week), so I decided to buy myself an early bday present LOL!!! Can't wait for it to arrive! :-D

Maria said...

Lemon cup cakes trump grapes. They just do.