Monday, 8 September 2014

The last car boot sale

Summer is slowly disappearing. In its place are dark tights and long cardigans. I’m always grateful to a new season, I like the change of atmosphere and planning new events ahead.
Soon I shall be crunching golden leaves, in my brown tanned boots, and discussing witches and fireworks.
And just to prove my point, on Saturday we went to the last car boot sale of the year. It's considered too cold to stand by your car boot during frosty mornings.

The car boot sale was a five minute journey from the cottage, in the grand grounds of a care home. All proceeds from entrance fee, sellers fee, Victoria sponge cake and coffee, go towards caring for the residents in the home. We treated Tommy to a drum and a book about a rabbit.

On Sunday Mark and I visited a park literally on the same road as us (it's an exceedingly long road). As soon as we entered we wondered why we hadn't visited before. It boasts a rugby club, a nursery, a golf course, a paddling pool, crazy golf, a sensory garden, an adventure playground, a climbing wall, and a cafe. We were hooked. And I look forward to spending Autumn afternoons drinking hot chocolate in the cafe, and trying not to fall off the see-saw again.


Amel said...

What a beautiful place to spend a day with your family. What I miss from all the photos is YOU, Nikki, your beautiful face!

The World According To Me said...

Well, as requested, I've posted one on my recent post. I tend to keep away from the cameras these days, although I'm determined to have one taken on Tommy's first birthday, of us together for once.