Monday, 22 September 2014

Nikki and the green polka dot fingers

Do you have green fingers?
I know it's not considered normal to possess green fingers, unless of course you were to paint them green, or you are actually in fact a lizard.
Now, I think it's safe to assume you are probably not reading this whilst dipping your hand into a pot of green paint. I also think I could be correct in saying, you are not a rare species of lizard, the type who switch on a computer and read blogs.
Green fingers are generally associated with someone who is a keen and talented gardener. Therefore, I do not, metaphorically speaking, have green fingers.
Maybe if my days were longer and my time was unlimited, I might be a keen and talented gardener. For in my parallel universe, I grow tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, potatoes and prize sunflowers. I also must mention that in this idyllic universe, lilac trees provide a splash of colour in my whimsical sanctuary. And my rhododendrons are a horticultural dream.
Let's get back to reality.
It's not as if I don't care about my outside living space. Every time I gaze into the back window of our little cottage, or fling open the barn door, I feel calm and blessed with our patch of paradise. Luckily for me, it's rather low maintenance.
We have no lawn to mow, which is just as well as we do not own a lawn mower. We have tiny stones, and a winding quaint pathway to the barbecue area, with colourful bunting hanging from the wooden bars. We have green trees and shrubs whose names have escaped me. And we have a decking area for Tommy's circus tent, a decking area which also hosts our table and chairs, and lots of tubs with dainty looking flowers poking out.
Oh and let's not forget my shabby chic watering can, the carefully painted distressed looking white stool, the green wicker chair, my new 'in the garden' sign, and the white wicker wine carrier/candle holder weather and occasion permitting. Plus all the other bits and pieces which decorate our oasis, when the sun is no longer hiding.
You see, I might be clueless when it comes to cultivating, robbed of time for reviving roses, but I am particular when it comes to presenting things in a pretty manner.
So I guess you could say, I have green polka dot fingers.

Monday, 15 September 2014

And then there were three

Yesterday was Mark and I's second wedding anniversary. And this year there are three of us.

It was my god daughter's 5th birthday party in the morning. There were games and croissants in the garden.

And a very tall magician.

Tommy watched from Daddy's shoulder.

Then we drove to Brighton to see the sights.

The sky was blue and Tommy was smiling.

We walked along the pier.

Stopped off for an ice-cream on a deck chair.

Indulged in fish and chips and mushy peas.

We walked around the pavilion gardens.

Then it was back to our hotel along the sea-front.

With a bottle of wine and Tommy's toy bag.

What a great way to spend an anniversary.

Monday, 8 September 2014

The last car boot sale

Summer is slowly disappearing. In its place are dark tights and long cardigans. I’m always grateful to a new season, I like the change of atmosphere and planning new events ahead.
Soon I shall be crunching golden leaves, in my brown tanned boots, and discussing witches and fireworks.
And just to prove my point, on Saturday we went to the last car boot sale of the year. It's considered too cold to stand by your car boot during frosty mornings.

The car boot sale was a five minute journey from the cottage, in the grand grounds of a care home. All proceeds from entrance fee, sellers fee, Victoria sponge cake and coffee, go towards caring for the residents in the home. We treated Tommy to a drum and a book about a rabbit.

On Sunday Mark and I visited a park literally on the same road as us (it's an exceedingly long road). As soon as we entered we wondered why we hadn't visited before. It boasts a rugby club, a nursery, a golf course, a paddling pool, crazy golf, a sensory garden, an adventure playground, a climbing wall, and a cafe. We were hooked. And I look forward to spending Autumn afternoons drinking hot chocolate in the cafe, and trying not to fall off the see-saw again.