Sunday, 31 August 2014

It began with a latte

This week began with a latte. I was ridiculously early for a meeting in London, with a potential new supplier, so I stopped off for a latte and watched the world walk past.

I booked the day off mid-week to spend with Tommy. Here he is laughing in his bedroom, in his PJs still.

The weekend was embraced with welcome arms. Friday night, myself, Mark, Mark's dad, and Tommy ate at our favourite Thai restaurant. Well Tommy had milk and rice cakes and played with his nursery rhyme book.

Saturday I saw my friend Eve and her gorgeous daughter, my god daughter. We went to the park. Tommy loves the swings.

We enjoyed milkshakes at The Tea Cosy, the cafe opposite the park.

Sunday we spent the day in one of the prettiest (and largest) gardens I know. It was a friend's daughter's birthday party. There was an entertainer and lots of children running about.

They even have a tree house, in the prettiest (and largest) garden I know.

Tommy played for quite a while in the playhouse.

There was a pretend sink which Tommy found fascinating.

Hi Tommy!

Here's my beautiful nephew.

Tommy even had a ride in a pink car.

Then it all ended with birthday cakes. What a nice ending.

And I didn't even mention that I nearly sliced my finger off with the hand blender Thursday night and spent four hours in A&E. Yes it hurt.
What am I like.

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Amel said...

Oh my goodness, Nikki! Nearly sliced your finger off? Goodness me! Of course it hurts...but I love the photos nevertheless. And hope your finger's OK now.