Friday, 1 August 2014

Ice-cream and rain coats

And so it's time for us to wave goodbye to July.
It's been a hot, sticky and stormy month. The first barbecues of the summer have been mostly spoilt by rain clouds and bolts of lightening. Soggy bread rolls and wet crisps on a rain drenched table.
Games on our local cricket green have been cancelled, people scuttling for shelter, exclaiming it's a typical British summer!
More than usual the weather has been discussed, "Isn't it hot! Could you sleep last night?" or "Did you hear that thunder earlier?" have been top topics in the office canteen.
Umbrellas and suntan lotion have been flying off the shop shelves. Commuters on the train range from a whiter shade of pale to a shocking tone of lobster red.
Weather forecasts on the Internet, television and newspaper have been frequently referred to. Shall we chance a day at the beach? A walk in the forest? Sun hats and Wellington boots on stand by.
July, you have melted the coldest of hearts with your temperature and woken the living dead with your thunder.
Ice-cream and rain coats.
Sun loungers and puddles.
These are some of the things which will remind me of July 2014.
But the biggest memory for me, the significantly important factor of the last month; Tommy learnt to crawl. And clap, not flap, actual proper clapping.
I'm so proud of him.


Amel said...

Such a happy little boy. Great job, Tommy! And you two as his parents! :-D

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. All these little milestones mean the most.