Saturday, 21 June 2014

Until my appreciation for George Michael dies, in other words, forever

Unless you kill my cat (and I don't even own a cat) or set fire to my clothes, and if you're nice to me, then you will be my friend until my appreciation for George Michael dies. That, dear readers, is a long time.
I think the depth of my friendships became apparent when I handed my long list of friends to invite, to my beautiful bridesmaid, for my hen do. Yes, that was a little while ago, but there is a relevant and recent point to this post.
This list was quite a task for my bridesmaid, but how could I not invite my brother's first serious girlfriend, and his fiancee, to name but a few. I'm still in touch with both of them, and during my hen night I recall a drunken, tearful conversation with his fiancee. We both discussed how much we've been through together, and how glad we are that we're still in each other's lives. Okay we do not regularly see each other, we don't have to. As you grow older time becomes limited, but as long as you make an effort to keep in touch, especially at special occasions, I'm happy with that.
I am blessed with fabulous friends, I do realise this. And my circle of friends has certainly widened over the years. I used to play my cards too close to my chest, I used to find it hard to let people into my life and trust them. I don't wish to mislead you, I wasn't lonely and friendless, crying into my pillow every night. I always had a best friend and was happy most of the time, but during my school days I was never the girl who walked with a trail of friends behind her, girls tripping over themselves to hang onto every word I spoke.
Although I am pleased to report, I'm still close with and see as often as possible, my school friend I have known since I was four years old. I have colourful memories of playing in her paddling pool, gobbling her mum's yummy fat chips, and her dog with one brown eye and one blue eye.
Over the years, dear readers, my confidence has slowly crept to a suitable position, and with this my ability to communicate and relax. Therefore, bonds were formed with work colleagues, ex boyfiend's friend's girlfriends, and generally nice people.
Also, don't let me mislead you here either. It's not as if I walk into a shop and anyone who dares to smile at me, or an innocent shop keeper who wishes me a good day, I hug them and scream, "We simply must do coffee and biscuits one morning and be friends for like, always!" I am choosier than this, friendship and trust are gained for better reasons than a toothy grin or a polite comment.
Back to the never ending list for my hen do. It also included current work mates and past work mates. I'm lucky enough to have worked with, and still work with, some interesting and lovely people.
Which brings me to Sophie. What can I tell you about Sophie and I? Well, there are some old posts on my blog and a few things I've never got round to telling you. We worked together for ten years and as a result of this, partied in Cannes, Barcelona, Singapore, and most of the bars in London. We've dressed in wigs, sung to strangers, and tampered with colleagues emails and voice mails. Yes, we've often brought out the naughty side in each other.
I left the publishers we worked at together about five years ago, I was probably more sad about not seeing her every day when I left. So of course we've kept in touch. Now our fellas are friends and we're both responsible mothers.
Oh and she's a married woman these days.
These are the pics from her wedding day.

Before the ceremony. Check out the pink flock wallpaper in our hotel room.

Mr and Mrs.

Give us a twirl, bridesmaids.

I wonder where we are sitting? This should make things clearer.

Dinner by candle light.


Amel said...

I love the way you write, Nikki. So...exciting, interesting, funny at times! :-D And I love wedding parties and wedding photos he he...the pic of your boys is so adorable! :-D

Maria said...

Yesterday, our incredible head ofc manager gave her month's notice. She is moving on to take a job as a middle school office manager in an area closer to her home. I nearly wept. She and I have become so close and she is one of those incredibly intuitive people who just know how to lessen everyone's burdens. She told me that while she'll miss the job, she'll miss seeing me the most every day. I return those feelings ten fold. I hope we stay in touch as you and yours did.

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The World According To Me said...

Thank you Amel. That's one of the biggest compliments you could give me!
Love your writing too, so honest and heart felt, and your sense of humour shines through.

The World According To Me said...

Maria, I can imagine how close you have become. Sad saying goodbye isn't it, when you see each other every day and have shared so much. I sincerely hope you do stay in touch.