Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The story continues in Cornwall

Many a day was spent on the beach, thanks to the glorious sunshine. Even when it wasn't sunny we pretended it was.

So this is what they call sand.

Daddy and Tommy playing on the beach.

Tommy's first glimpse of the sea.


Will loved his bucket and spade.

Digging to Australia.

My boys.

Searching for stones.


Life's a beach.

We visited Mark's mum's memorial bench on the coastline, and explored the pathways.

Beautiful scenery, even if some of the paths were treacherous.

And that dear readers was Cornwall, until next year.


Amel said...

Can you explain to me a little about a memorial bench? How does one get it? Does one have to pay for the bench or something?

Nikki, you make me laugh. "Even when it wasn't sunny we pretended it was." LOL!!!

Such a lovely place and you're with lovely people. Thanks for sharing!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel
In the UK it's fairly common to see memorial benches in parks and streets. The bench will have a plaque with writing, for example, in memory of a loving mother, wife and friend. It will also have the persons name and date of birth - date of death inscribed on the plaque. My brother has one in the garden of his local pub, this was arranged with family and the pub landlord, and paid for by the family. Mark's mum's bench was actually paid for by her best friend and arranged with the local council in St Ives. Unless it's on private land then it's something you would have to arrange with the local council, usually a beauty spot or a favourite place. They're not cheap though, they cost thousands of pounds, depending on the area.

Amel said...

Thanks for the explanation. I did think it'd cost, but didn't know it could be that expensive. WOW! That was so nice of Mark's mum's best friend to do such a thing.