Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Evening Jazz

And so the celebrations continue.
Summer Evening Jazz tickets were purchased for my father's 80th birthday, with love from me, Mark and Tommy.

Since 1566 The Petre family have occupied the stunning house and grounds, which are open to the public for tours and events, only a mere twenty minute drive from our cottage.

My boys.

Live music from Frog Island Jazz band and The Salty Town Six.

There was face painting and decorating your umbrella.

We brought our own picnic, which included strawberries on the lawn.

Tommy loved it when everyone clapped, he thinks clapping is funny.

The grand umbrella parade, with prizes. A brownie tent style brolly won the children's category. A musical instrument themed umbrella won the over 18's.

We all had such a lovely time that we want to book our tickets for next year.


Amel said...

That's awesome and it seems there's plenty of stuff for the kids, as well. :-) You should take more pics of yourself with Tommy! :-D

The World According To Me said...

It was awesome. I think that sometimes, I should take more pics of me and Tommy but I'm so self critical I know I'll delete most of them! Mark always looks good with Tommy, how does he do that?!