Tuesday, 17 June 2014

No more drama

Mark wasn't happy to be back from Cornwall. He missed the beach; helping Tommy bury his feet in the sand and chasing his nephew into the sea. He missed eating out in fish restaurants; merrily drinking Pinot Grigio, smug in the knowledge tomorrow was another non-work day.
As much as I loved our yearly vacation, I was happy to be back. Our cute cottage welcomed me home. I was grateful to be amongst familiar surroundings, the family photographs hanging on the walls, the cheerful flowers poking out of the tubs in the garden. I'm quite a homely girl, I don't need flash nights out or to be constantly breaking boundaries to put a smile on my face. I'm happy to potter around the cottage, playing Peek-a-boo with Tommy, which dissolves him into fits of chuckles. I'm lucky that I'm spending precious time with my boy and my life is hassle free.
It's the simple things which make me glad, and I'm glad my life is presently simple. I was thinking this the other day, as I was strolling through the village with Tommy, admiring the ducks swimming in the pond and the neatly cut grass on the cricket green. I don't have any drama or complications in my days.
Some mornings Mark drives me to my parents, where Tommy and I spend the day. My mum and I always walk to the local shops, pushing Tommy in his pram. We browse in the charity shops and the department store, and stop at The Tea Cosy for a hot chocolate and slice of cake, ignoring nasty calories.
Some days a friend will visit me for lunch. If it's sunny we sit in the garden, red and pink polka dot cushions on the wooden chairs, ladybird cover over the salad, and wild flowers picked from the garden in my tiny glass vases. I love dressing the table and planning menus. We chat and eat my budget friendly but hopefully tasty food, and Tommy is content in his high chair, sucking an apple and cinnamon rice cake. Friends are so kind, they always arrive with Tulips or chocolate or wine.
And some days my father-in-law will treat me to a pub lunch. We will walk to one of the local, friendly, pubs where everyone makes a fuss of Tommy and we spend ages deciding what to eat from the menu.
Oh in the past my life hasn't always been this easy. I've had my fair share of stress, with toxic relationships and a worrying amount of debt. I've had days in my past life where I've wanted to hide under the duvet until it's all over. I guess that's why I appreciate so much now. And why I will do my utter best to avoid any kind of drama and try my ultimate hardest not to fret over the small stuff.
My life is great and simple, and I love it.
However, this could all change very soon.
I have to return to work next week.


Amel said...

What a beautiful life. I also dislike dramas and tend to avoid them like plague ha ha...GOOD LUCK with the transition of going back to work!!!!

The World According To Me said...

Drama is best avoided hey! Thanks for the good luck. Going to miss Tommy and these days so much.

Amel said...

I bet you will.