Thursday, 17 April 2014

Turn left at the watering can

If you open the wooden gate and step inside the church garden,

the church opposite our cottage and next to the village hall,

then turn left at the watering can by the lamp post,

follow the footpath by the allotments,

until you reach the red berries,

you'll stumble across the hidden cottages,

and then you'll see the tree-lined lane,

by the meadow of flowers,

winding along to the harvest field,

which is very close to Freshfields Farm, with horses and sheep grazing in the background (I've lost the leads to my camera and the zoom on the iPhone is rubbish so you'll have to take my word for this),

there's farm equipment,

and barns at the end of the curly lane,

this is what you will find if you open the wooden gate into the church garden, the one opposite our little cottage.

1 comment:

Amel said...

Oh, you live in a beautiful place. And it looked like such a gorgeous day for a walk!