Saturday, 19 April 2014

And for my next trick...

Recently I have thought pulling a rabbit from my straw hat, or turning white doves into rainbow coloured unicorns, would be easier than Tommy sleeping a whole night.
As I'm sure you're aware dear readers, a whole night is not one hour, two hours, or even three hours. It is generally considered a full nights sleep to be eight hours for an adult and approximately ten hours for a five month old baby.
Try telling Tommy that!
It was all going so well, then for unknown reason to man, it was all spoilt. Although Google has tried to explain to me this unknown reason. It could be he is teething, it may be his mind is over active due to all the wonderful things he is learning. He might be cold/hot/hungry/disorientated/uncomfortable/wet or dirty nappy.
So there you go, I have a list to choose from. Because Tommy is only five months and can not speak, it's a process of elimination.
It's also exhausting and frustrating.
I was fully aware how lucky we were that after the first night or two he's been a good sleeper. People used to look at me with envy and disbelief when I uttered those heavenly words, "He's a good sleeper, sleeps right through the night."
Now when I explain the circumstances I receive looks of pity and sympathy.
I'm praying it's a short phase as it's not ideal when your evening is continually interrupted. More important than broken television viewing and cold dinners is how distressing it is hearing him crying and trying to comfort him.
We've tried everything hubby and I. Bonjella/rocking/extra milk/dummy/nappy change/radiator off or on/singing/despair.
Latest thing on the list is ordering a bamboo comforter from Amazon. Apparently if I sleep with it for a few nights it absorbs my scent and Tommy can cuddle up to this and feel comforted. I've also been informed Prince George uses one, as alas he was a poor sleeper for a while. I know this because my mum read it in the newspaper one day and telephoned me to say, "If it's good enough for Prince George, it's good enough for our Tommy!"
So no prizes for guessing what I'll be sleeping with tonight. That's once I'm allowed to sleep in my own bed and I'm not dozing off in the white wicker chair next to his cot, trying to comfort him.
One positive thing, I have the most organised mind ever right now. Well I have to think of something when I'm rocking Tommy back to sleep. I've planned his and my wardrobe for our forthcoming holidays to Suffolk and Cornwall, what chores to do on what days in the cottage, and basically I've merrily mapped out the rest of our lives.
Therefore, I'm praying his good sleep pattern will return and I can actually achieve these late at night, well devised, plans.
Or at least finish my dinner before it's inedible, and not nod off into my porridge every morning.
Wish me luck.


Amel said...

I wish you LUUUCCCKKK and I sympathize. On our flight back from Tenerife, a little girl kept on crying (the temper tantrum kind of cry) on and off for almost the entire flight (6 hours). It was a night flight, so I suspect that she was already tired. She slept for maybe 45 minutes in between but then it continued again. The mother couldn't do anything much anymore because nothing worked.

I was also told frequently that I was a challenging baby to handle at many points in my childhood. But when I was a baby there was a period of time when I kept on crying during the night and nobody knew what caused it. Maybe growing pains or growth spurt or who knows? A close friend has also experienced something like this. Must be very frustrating and confusing and disconcerting not knowing what to do to help calm your son down...I hope his good sleep pattern will return, as well! Crossing my fingers!

Maria said...

My daughter had colic for the first four months of her life and I honestly thought I might go mad on some days. I was a single mother and had no one to spell me and I think that is what did it. It never occurred to me to ask for help and I should have. I hope the bamboo works. What a clever idea!

The World According To Me said...

Oh dear, that does not sound like a good flight back, for anyone!
The more I hear re babies and sleep, the more I realise we had a good run for 5 months.
Keep those fingers crossed for peaceful nights again, thanks!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Maria
Those four months must have been tough. Lack of sleep is rough, and worrying about her as well, on your todd. No wonder you thought you might go mad.
I'll let you know how the bamboo goes!