Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Not the mayoress of vine yards in England

I'm feeling fairly important.
Why is this, you may well ask.
Well, before your imagination runs wild and you consider important theories, e.g, I've received an invitation for tea by the Queen (I expect my invite got lost in the post). Or I've been elected to run for mayoress of vine yards in England (if there could ever be such a title). Or even that George Michael has personally asked me to sing on his next album (I should be so lucky, especially with my questionable vocals).
Nope, it's nothing as exciting as the above. Actually, after fantasising the above it seems rather dull now.
I'm taking part in market research, as requested by my neighbour Wendy.
One day Wendy rang my door bell, introduced herself, for at this point I did not know she was my neighbour or that her name was Wendy, and asked if I had a new baby and required nappies.
As you already know dear readers, I do have a new baby and I do require nappies.
Therefore, I asked her to step inside my house and present her paperwork so I could receive the free samples, plus payment for my valid opinion.
Luckily, I did not feel threatened by Wendy at all, in case you were worried that I was inviting complete strangers inside my house. My parents were also in the lounge on this particular day, and my mother used to conduct market research herself many moons ago. Oh yes, I was often left sitting in her car with my colouring in books whilst she knocked on doors and enquired about washing powder etc. So I know how grateful she always was when the general public were willing to assist her.
And let's face it, who am I to turn down free nappies whilst hubby and I are on a tight budget with my maternity pay.
I've received 3 bags of nappies so far, and answered vital questions in regards to leakage and comfort.
Next I was given hair conditioner and shampoo to test and complete a questionnaire on. Again, who am I to turn down shampoo and conditioner when I have hair and I'm watching my pennies.
And tomorrow I am salad testing 9.20am at Wendy's house with young mums and others in the 40 plus age bracket.
That's right, salad testing. I must admit, I've never eaten salad for breakfast but there are worse things I could eat at twenty past nine on a Thursday morning. It's also a great opportunity to meet the neighbours.
I hope I like them. And vice versa.


Amel said...

This kind of thing sounds great. I don't think they have any over here except for the occasional Partylite candle selling invites in one of the houses here, but I've never participated because of different reasons. I should try once in a while, though, even if I don't end up buying anything. Good to socialize, though at the moment my introvert side is trying to hide in my cave LOL!!!

The World According To Me said...

I know what you mean about the introvert side, luckily it was sleeping on salad tasting day!