Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ladies who lunch

I've joined the ladies who lunch club.
Okay, it's not really a club as such. It's not as if I pay £19.99 per year membership fee, receive a fortnightly newsletter, and wear my name badge with pride. Oh no, it's nothing as formal as that.
I am fortunate to know people who are fortunate not to have to work. And although I love Tommy to the moon and back, adult conversation during the day is rather nice.
Therefore, I have been dishing out lunch invites as if they are going out of fashion. Might as well make the most of all this 'free' time. Plus, other hands can hold Tommy whilst I sterilise bottles etc (no, it's not a cunning plan so I can organise my life, but I might as well make use of friendly hands).
Alas, the food is not as fancy as I would like. Finances and time put a stop to that, but guests haven't come to sample michelin star menus, right? I was not put on this earth to show off culinary skills, was I? It's all about the chat, whilst also stuffing faces with cake.
Sometimes I even receive an invite back, which is always well received. As long as the invitation is not too far away. I can just about drive five minutes without having a meltdown about Tommy in the car seat in the back. He's fine if he's asleep (this is a good journey) but not fine if he's awake and his dummy has come out or he can't shove his hands in his mouth (this is a bad journey, believe me).
I've even set up a little routine to make life easier for myself. It goes something like this: Rolls are made the night before, when hubby is home from work, then rolls are stored in fridge with tin foil wrapped around. Plates, cups and serviettes are placed on table when Tommy is in bed, and things which go in oven are plonked in oven when guests arrive and say, "Arr, can I have a cuddle with Tommy?"
After guests leave, it takes me the rest of the day to gradually clear up. This is the hardest part, because I have slight OCD about tidiness and it is considered rude to ask my ladies-who-lunch-with-me to clear crockery away. I wouldn't dream of asking, even though I am always a little nervous when I see discarded coffee cups and carelessly strewn side plates.
Still, my slight OCD regarding tidiness is not their fault, and it's not something I like to mention often.
Besides, that's a whole different post coming to the blog soon. Once I have actually finished tidying and can actually find the time.
So I must dash, the house is sleeping but I can't go to bed until I have straightened cushions, folded away towels, picked toys up off the floor, and the house is ready for another day.
At least there are no rolls to make as it's ladies who don't lunch tomorrow.
I shall leave you with pics from the last one.

Cakes to stuff in mouth.

Things which are plonked in oven.

More oven stuff.


Amel said...

That's a BRILLIANT idea! I can totally relate to needing adult conversation. When I first moved to Finland, before I managed to learn enough Finnish to be able to converse with other adults with no or minimal English ability, I felt like my head was going to explode and that was what prompted me to start blogging. I remember during that day, being lonely and having so much time on my own made me able to post even 3 blog posts a day HA HA HA HA HA HA...crazy!

ENJOY yourselves (envious of the gorgeous food and cake!)!

The World According To Me said...

Wow, 3 posts a day hey! I used to do it every day without fail, I should be so lucky now!