Sunday, 5 January 2014

Underneath my bed

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit what's underneath my bed.
Or rather, why it's underneath my bed, and how long it's sat underneath my bed.
It's actually sat below my bed for so long, that it's lived in 3 different houses. (The same bed but 3 different bedrooms.)
I have looked at it several times, sighed, and thought I really must use you one day. Then I've forgotten all about it. Until the next time I've spied it, or my mother has reminded me about it, in a fairly frustrated tone of voice.
The stark reality is, I don't know how to use it, and my pet hate is reading instructions. So I've stashed it underneath my bed, in the hope one day someone would show me how to use it.
But there comes a time in everyone's life when you think, enough is enough, this needs to be resolved now!
This, dear readers, is exactly what has happened to me. I've decided to conclude my under the bed issue.
At last, I have found an easy solution, I've asked Mark to read the instructions.
I'm not sure why I did not think about this years ago, or ask someone else to kindly oblige. But finally, I have a clear vision of the future.
Mark is going to show me how to use my colour printer. The one which has sat in a box underneath my bed for approximately 6 years.
And the reason why this decision has been made? My friend bought me a photo album, titled 'My First Christmas'. I've excitedly taken photographs of Tommy, over the festive period, and I want to display them in this fun photo album.
Hence, I want to finally use my printer.
I do hope it actually works after being discarded for all these years.

Oh and happy new year to you!


Amel said... sure know how to make your readers intrigued, Nikki! LOVE Tommy's photos. He's GORGEOUS! :-D HAVE FUN printing and arranging the photos in the album! :-D Happy New Year to you all too!

Kate said...

Ooooh, he's such a doll! I love his little teddy bear outfit.

Nick Phillips said...

He's a handsome lil fellow :D

What Happened 2 Vince? (Part 2) said...

awesome pictures. good luck w/ the printer.....

The World According To Me said...

Amel, glad I intrigued you! I'm having lots of fun taking the pics.
Kate, he looked so cute I had to take a pic before he grows out of it!
Nick, why thanks, I think so to but then again I'm bias.
Cheers Vince, nearly got it working, and been snapping away.