Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The most amazing chocolate factory in the world

I've run out of excuses.
Yep, my list of excuses is no longer relevant or sensible. I now must loose weight and increase my fitness levels.
I have to say goodbye to daytime telly, eaten with a packet of chocolate biscuits. Well, maybe I'm allowed just the odd chocolate biscuit here and there, whilst watching Escape to the country, life is for living after all.
I promised myself, and those who cared to listen, "After caesarean scar heals and Christmas is out the way, and when we borrow the exercise bike from father-in-law, and once it stops raining so I can go for walks with the pram, and when we've cleared all the chocolate from the house, I'll exercise and loose weight."
My scar is healing nicely thank you, Christmas is over, the exercise bike is in the bedroom, I've eaten all the naughties, and it's finally stopped raining.
Actually, after reluctantly removing myself from the sofa and realising I can just about walk down the stairs these days, and the only thing I've run for a while is a bath, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. So far.
Dare I say it, it's been rather pleasant, with some beneficial finds along the way.
Before my first fitness walk, I wrapped Tommy in his teddy bear outfit, covered him with his aeroplane blanket, popped him in his pram, and off we strolled for a much needed walk around the village. And this time we did not walk across the cricket green to the village shop, to buy chocolate supplies.
I set off the opposite way to sugar temptation, past the neighbouring cottages and the duck pond, and this was when I made my discovery.
Tucked away, but walking distance from my home, was a beauty salon and hairdressers. I was a little bit excited about my find, for it would soon be time for a trim and colour, and a spray tan for friend's wedding looks promising.
The young lady in the hairdressers must have seen my surprised and happy face, then noted the pram, as she kindly opened the door for me, with price list in hand.
After checking the prices were not out of my reach, I planned to call my mum with the good news, as soon as I returned to the sofa. I then continued walking around the village, wondering if I could justify a manicure, and if I walked a little faster I could loose the calories from the previous night's glass of wine.
My first I-must-stop-being-lazy-and-over-eating walk was a success! It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, and I was chuffed with my new knowledge for hair and beauty.
Two days later I found myself on the exercise bike, whilst Tommy was propped up with pillows on my bed, looking at his hands and his toy orange fish. I managed seventeen minutes before he became restless and after my thighs started to ache.
And today was walk number two and another fantastic find.
This time, when I closed the front door to daytime television, Tommy and I turned right and walked past the garden centre, down the road with the enormous houses, and I realised that after living in the village for nine months, I had never anticipated there being a park behind the garden centre. A park which could also be reached from our back gate, if we turned left and walked past the school.
I literally gasped when I saw the green grass and children's play area. Thoughts and ideas whirled around my head as I smiled at the swings and benches. Oh what fun we could have here! Walks in winter, picnics in the spring, playground adventures in the summer with Tommy, and so on.
Wow, this being motivated and getting fit lark has opened a whole new world.
I'm debating what I'll discover next? More hidden shops or public areas? That would be nice.
And imagine, although I suspect I could be pushing my luck somewhat, a chocolate factory. But not just any ordinary chocolate factory. Oh no, this one made biscuits and cakes which tasted yummy but once swallowed allowed your body to loose weight and become fitter. Served by a serenading George Michael, in his tracksuit.
Okay, so I'm getting carried away with the last request.
Sigh, but we can all dream. Can't we.


Amel said...

WOOOHOOOOO!!! GREAAAAAAAATTT JOB, Nikki, on your walks. For me it's always hard to get back on track, but once you start, it gets easier because my body misses the endorphins released during the exercise he he...:-D KEEP IT UP and keep finding great stuff along the way!

What Happened 2 Vince? (Part 2) said...

I can sympathize w/ you about wanting to lose weight. I'm in a lot worse shape than you (in fact I'm a very good argument for working out) I like to bike, but can't now that it's so cold and the sun sets early. Good luck w/ your walks. I guess we'll both have to watch what we eat and not eat too much.

The World According To Me said...

You're right, Amel once you start it does get easier. Here's to a fitter year!

The World According To Me said...

Hi What Happened 2 Vincent! Biking outdoors is a nicer way to keep fit. But you're right, it does depend on the weather. Looks like it's healthier and smaller portions then, damn!