Friday, 31 January 2014

The 113 year old hot cross bun

I was honoured to receive it, although a little apprehensive, when the invite beeped on my mobile phone.
My best friend was getting married. The invitation was sent via text, with the very important question, would I be a witness at the ceremony?
Of course I was honoured to be asked but this was BT (before Tommy), and the wedding kind of clashed with my due date. How could I graciously accept and promise to be there, knowing I could possibly be at hospital, erm, otherwise engaged?
I accepted, with a get out clause of 'unless I am in labour'!
I wasn't in labour. Because the hospital allowed me to proceed seventeen days over my due date, I was able to attend. Looking very, very fat.

With this ring I thee wed.

The happy couple.

The wedding party. Not a flattering one of yours truly, but I guess it would be nice to show Tommy one day and say, "Look, this was when you were in mummy's tummy."

The reception was held at a 15th century coaching inn, with an award winning restaurant. Every year a hot cross bun is hung from the beams. A tradition which began in 1901. The 113 year old bun is minging.

I had lamb to start.

Corn fed chicken for main.

Mark ordered the succlent Sea bass.

The delicious food was washed down with a glass of Champagne. Cheers!

Then it was back to the bride and groom's house for dancing. It was a very special day and night.


Amel said...

Ohhhh...I'm glad to know that Tommy's late delay made it possible for you to attend your friend's wedding. I love weddings! :-) And you look lovely. :-) And you know what? I don't have any pic of my mom being pregnant with me, though I've seen some pics of her while she was expecting my brother and I enjoy looking at those photos - as well as listening to her stories about how it was like to be pregnant with me versus to be pregnant with my brother. So I'm sure it'll be a good memory for Tommy. :-)

Kate said...

Everyone needs to have a few super-giant-preggo pictures! And you look gorgeous!
The thing with the hot-cross buns is pretty funny. Someone should take charge of dusting them. And what does "minging" mean, my dear British friend?

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel, yeah that was the best thing about being so over due! I agree, nice to look back and remember. I bet it's nice to hear your mum's stories and look at the pics.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Kate
It's quite a sight seeing the dusty hot cross buns hanging. Minging is not a nice word for something that's not very nice, as in smelly/foul/disgusting!