Friday, 24 January 2014

Big Brother is watching you

Think about your worst habit.
Thought of it?
Don't worry, I won't embarrass you by asking to reveal it to me.
Now think about your weak points.
Unhappy admitting these to yourself?
Let me explain, it is not my intention to stress or depress you with this post. I wanted you to consider your faults, let's face it we all have them, and then question whether you would like them plastered over national television and the tabloids?
No, me either.
Which is why I can't understand any sane person, celebrity or civilian, wanting to appear on the UK television show, Big Brother.
Every year it astounds me. And still they keep on coming! Wannabe's with their fifteen minutes of fame and shaming themselves in the process. Z listers trying to resurrect their career but often placing the final nail in the coffin marked 'flagging career'.
Because, by clever editing on BB, no one is placed in a particularly pleasant light. Unfortunately nasty wins over nice in the television ratings war.
And in the Big Brother house there is nowhere to hide due to goodness knows how many cameras, all for our pure entertainment.
Contestants are also plied with alcohol and entered into cheeky tasks, guaranteed to cause controversy between the housemates.
Yet still I watch it. I can't help it. Especially the celebrity version, whilst cringing on my sofa with every episode.
This year is no exception. Our dinner is cooked and eaten, Tommy is fed, and hubby and I are on the sofa awaiting for the credits to roll. And we shake our heads in disbelief at the accusations and actions from celebs couped up in the BB house.
In the current series, there is a pop singer from the 70's who has moaned and argued her way through the day, and suffered from paranoia regarding her late husband and the comedian from the 80's. Through her paranoia us viewers are now aware that her late husband stole money from another comedian. Something I am sure she would rather remain private.
And the 80's comedian has admitted he is a sexist. A word which is frowned upon in today's society, and not something for him to be proudly associated with.
I could go on, but I won't. I'm sure you understand the general jist from my descriptions above.
So why do I watch such a programme? You may well ask.
Well, people fascinate me. I'm a nosey so and so. (A reason why I like blogging!)
I love people watching, and listening to stories, and sussing out what makes people tick. Us human beings are a lovely and strange lot.
Plus some of the tasks are hilarious.
Although I would have to be paid a million pounds to enter the house myself.
As much as I find other people interesting, their different experiences and characteristics, I crave my own space. lt would wear me down having nowhere to escape for solitude, except perhaps the toilet. And it could be considered unhealthy to spend too much time in the toilet alone.
I am also uncomfortable with confrontation. I would avoid this at all cost, the consequence probably being told I am a walk over, or other such derogratory terms. Which in themselves would make me insecure about my personality and want to avoid all other housemates and accusations by running to the toilet to be alone. Which, I said before, could be considered unhealthy to spend too much time in the lavatory. People might think I was weird, or have an embarrassing problem. Arg! See what I mean, I would much rather watch from the safety of my sofa.
Anyway, I shall leave you to ponder whether sharing a house with 12 strangers, and the whole country, is something you would ever be tempted with.
I must go, the latest episode of Big Brother is about to start.


Amel said... make me laugh, Nikki. Maybe you're just an introvert? I LOVE spending time with close friends and family and even at work, but after meeting so many customers at work, I do need to "hide out" in my house (sometimes when I get too many shifts at the cashier, I tend to not want to go out at all because in this small village, I'm bound to meet so many of my regular customers). Oh, and I don't like confrontation, either and I don't think you're a walk over at all. :-)

The World According To Me said...

I see what you mean about hiding, I think I would be inclined to do that on my quiet days!