Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life begins at 40

For as long as I can remember, well at least since my 30th birthday, I have been mentioning my 40th birthday.
Silly really, thinking about the next milestone when you've just reached and are enjoying your current one.
Especially when no one can guarantee where you will be in your life when you do meet this mentioned milestone.
I've spent far too much time and wasted far too many conversations discussing and planning my 40th. Whether it was listing my options of preferred celebrating, should I throw a party, book a weekend away, or visit a posh restaurant? Or whether it was trying not to be too horrified that I would soon be in the 40 year old age bracket.
But little did I know, I would not be throwing any parties, or visiting any bars on this day, or any near by days. Far from it!
In my wildest dreams I did not imagine I would be lying in a hospital theatre, surrounded by strangers singing happy birthday to me, after slicing me open and presenting me with my son.
And what a birthday present!
The best, unexpected, 17 days overdue, birthday present.
It proves to me once again, that sometimes you can't plan everything in life. It has a funny way of showing you not to get too complacent, it can bite you on the bottom and shout, "Surprise! I bet you didn't think this would happen!"
Fortunately, I'm overjoyed with my latest surprise.
Life, for me, really has begun again.


Amel said...

Oh yeah, life is definitely full of surprises! I'm glad that your 40th birthday was full of this kind of surprise. So they sang happy birthday to you? That's nice! :-D I don't think it's silly to think about the next milestone or plan ahead, though. :-)

Nick Phillips said...

Extremely late, I know but Happy 40th!