Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Meet Tommy

Minutes old

Days old

Oh life, why are you never half as romantic as I'd imagined you to be?
When I wrote my birthing plan (this was recommended by the midwife during antenatal classes), I distinctly remember requesting:
Birthing pool please.
George Michael music to be played.
Gas and air only, no epidural.
Mark to lift baby from water.
Mark to cut umbilical cord.
Baby to have vitamin K injection.
Must remain calm and spiritual and dignified. (Alright, I did not actually write this, but that was my general feeling about the whole thing.)

The brutal reality was, the birthing plan did not leave my over packed bag, all requests were left on paper when real life kicked in.
In fact it would be true to say, it was not at all romantic.
It was long, painful, and at times barbaric.
Without a hint of a birthing pool or George's voice!
Yes this is the story of how Tommy came into the world, seventeen days after my due date. With a grand total of four days in hospital.
(And no seventeen days overdue and four days in hospital is not considered a common occurrence.)
However, it was worth every single, unromantic, second.
Because then I met my beautiful, bewildered, son, for the very first time.


Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Isn't he precious! I can't believe how much your world has changed since I first started following your blog. How exciting!

Kate said...

Oh, he's so beautiful! Congratulations! I have been waiting with excitement for this posting! I am so sorry that your birthing plan did not go as expected. Nathan was also 2 weeks late - the medical establishment really does not like babies to be more than 14 days overdue, do they? I hope that you are feeling well and relaxed. Keep posting! Everyone says that this is such a happy time in a mom's life. But I found it often confusing, exhausting and scary. Your little bloggy-world is here ofr you and happy for you.

Amel said...

Goodness me...but I'm glad everything went fine in the end...couldn't imagine how tough it must've been for you and Mark...what a lovely little chap! :-D Life is really full of surprises, eh?

Nick Phillips said...

Awww, isn't he a cute lil one! Congrats, the two of you!

ChicagoWing said...

Congratulations ! It's very thrilling when your first is born. 2 weeks over is a long time. I wish you the very best. Our 1st was born 18 yrs. ago & I remember it like yesterday. What I was amazed was that in the top picture your hospital gown is exactly like the ones that have at the hospitals right by where I live. Some things are the same all over.

The World According To Me said...

Thanks for your comments guys, hoping normal services will resume soon but think I'm kidding myself!