Friday, 26 July 2013

Morning has broken

It would be fair to say, I have never been a morning person, and never thought I would ever be one of these morning people.
For various reasons to mankind, I’ve often struggled with the concept of getting out of bed.
When I think about these reasons, the words too cold/went to bed too late/had problems sleeping/can’t wake up/slight hangover, have always been high on my list of excuses.
I have spent years using and abusing these dilemmas. Years of rushing to the school gates, just as the bell was ringing, to signal the start of school. Followed by years of practically running to the train station, for my journey to the office, toast dangling from mouth and questioning why I can’t remove myself from my bed at a reasonable hour.
I must admit, the getting-up-at-the-last-possible-minute-lifestyle changed when I joined my current place of employment. It was a long commute and I wanted to make a good impression. So I actually set my alarm earlier than required, sneaked off to bed at normal o’clock, and rose with my alarm.
Finally, I’d cracked it!
I think it helped matters that I was leading a calmer existence. I was living back at my parent’s abode where it was no longer acceptable to be guzzling wine at a ridiculous hour with a houseful of friends.
However, I still did not particularly like mornings. The idea of being bright eyed and bubbly before 10am was alien to me. I was still kind of zombified. Dressing and eating took longer than necessary, and the thought of participating in conversation with anyone filled me with pure horror.
Then suddenly, my life and this aversion to mornings changed.
Or should I say, I fell pregnant and I became Mrs Sensible. Tiredness in the first 12 weeks kicked in, drinking was banned, and so I found myself retiring to bed earlier and earlier. Not only was I being responsible during the week, but my weekends changed me from a night owl, to can you believe I am actually saying this, a morning person.
Amazing what adequate sleep and clean living can accomplish!
I feel like a new person at the weekends, a much nicer and happier person. I no longer snooze, and snooze, until I run out of snoozing and excuses for not getting out of bed.
I wake up, I feel pretty good, and I want to get out of my bed. Yes, your eye sight has not failed you, I actually wrote that!
Okay, baby T is fond of pushing on my bladder and I have to dash to the loo, or he is pressing on a nerve and my leg is numb. So I figure I might as well get up and stay up.
The garden and the weather should also be held responsible for this personality transplant.
In the UK we are experiencing summer weather during the summer months. This is almost unheard of. We may see the sun’s rays peeking through in May, but the following months are usually grey and wet. Normally during summer holidays, Wimbledon tennis tournament and Glastonbury music festival, the weather is a wash out, worn with a light weight coat.
It’s finally a hot summer in England! It’s a pleasure to wake up with the sun streaming through the windows, to walk downstairs in our cottage and pull back the blinds. I potter around watering the flowers in the garden, and I often sit amongst the greenery with my breakfast, gazing at the scenery and smiling.
I’ve never had my own garden before, or ever contemplated eating breakfast outside, in the UK summer, in the morning!
Forgive me if I am waffling about liking mornings, but it’s quite an achievement for me.
And let’s face it, I need to make the most of this serenity before Baby T arrives.
Ask me if I like mornings when I’ve been up all night feeding, with my screaming son in my arms, probably with a little bit of his sick in my hair, and a slight glint of madness in eyes. I have been warned by friends and family that this is how it will be for a while.
Ask me if I like mornings then, as I’m wondering when I will ever have time to dress and feed myself, and I think you might know what my response will be!
Therefore, I shall cherish my new found love of these splendid mornings for as long as I possibly can.


Amel said...

He he he...I'm a night owl myself, but due to my parents' strict regime, I've only been late ONCE in my entire life. :-) After working in my current place, though, my body clock has gone nuts, 'coz sometimes I have morning shifts (can be as early as 6 am or 7 am) and sometimes I have evening shifts (the latest ends at 22 pm). The tough part is going on a morning shift after lots of evening shifts (or after my free days when I go to bed late) 'coz then it's hard for me to go to bed earlier the day before the morning shift ha ha...but thankfully it's a part-time job, so I can rest well in between hi hi...

You're right about cherishing the moment, though...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! :-) It's been hot again here as well, though I can see autumn colours already 'coz the weather was colder weeks ago for a few weeks ha ha...

The World According To Me said...

Wow, only ever late once in your life, I'm impressed.
It must be hard working shifts, I am definitley someone who needs a routine. But I guess you have to get on with it and you kind of get used to it?

Cherish that sunny weather!