Thursday, 4 July 2013

Apply within

The voice at the other end of the telephone laughed.
I politely laughed back.
We said our goodbyes and I replaced the handset on the telephone, his laughter still ringing in my ears.
He had not just hit a raw nerve with his laughter and words, he’d crashed into it, 100 miles an hour, with a fantastically hard and loud, wallop!
How’s that for impact?
Of course he was only joking.
But many a true word can be said in jest.
I glanced at the CV’s on my desk, which he was referring to.
Okay, time to lighten up.
Time to make a sensible and intelligent decision based on the facts and my professional opinion.
I’m recruiting for my maternity cover.
I must find a replacement for the 9 months I’ll be missing from my desk and up to my eyes in nappies and bottles.
It’s an important task.
I want the hand over process to be as smooth as possible.
I will be training the successful candidate before I waddle off into the sunset.
But printing and publishing experience are essential.
It would not be ideal for my replacement to make costly mistakes, and then blame their lack of knowledge or training.
Returning to work will be hard enough. Financially it’s a must, so it’s imperative I don’t come back to chaos and mayhem.
I am very particular about my responsibilities.
I take great pride in my spread sheets and organisation.
And the thought of someone messing my methodical work load makes me feel quite queasy.
So they must be experienced and organised.
They must also be an excellent communicator with internal departments and external suppliers.
A proven track record in budgets and tenders is key, problem solving skills and able to work on their own initiative is imperative.
And then I remembered the laughter from earlier, and my suppliers words came back to haunt me.
“You don’t want someone too good Nikki. They might be better than you, and you won't have a job to come back to!”
Ha, ha!
Imagine that?
I eyed certain CV’s with great suspicion.
There were degrees.
Fluent languages speakers.
Confidence in bringing new ideas and creativity to the work place.
Are these the kind of individuals who will take over, belittle and undo all my hard work, and boss me around when I return?
Surely I’m being paranoid.
My supplier was only teasing after all.
Wasn’t he?
Damn you and your laughter!
I must be responsible and employ the right person.
I should be confident in my achievements and recognition.
Yes, of course he was pulling my leg, they won’t be better than me.
Will they?
I’ll let you know how the interviews proceed.


Amel said...

Ahhhhh...I hope you'll find a suitable candidate and then when you get back to work again, everything will be (mostly) in order. Crossing my fingers for you!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. We are interviewing next week, I'll probably blog about it!
Have a great weekend.