Monday, 17 June 2013

Village life

Saturday nights are now an early affair for me. By 10pm you'll find me tucked under my floral duvet with a book, after my mug of milky hot chocolate.
This Saturday was no exception. So on Sunday morning I awoke refreshed after my 8 hours sleep, and decided to go for an early morning stroll around the village. With my camera, of course!

Sleeping ducks. The duck pond is feet away from our cottage. I think they were all still asleep as there were no sign of them.

The village hall is on the opposite side of the road to our home. I noted it provides a play group, handy for future use!

There are lots of little lanes with cute cottages. I have my eye on some of these, when we can eventually buy our own property. (Money permitting!)

The Green man. The nearest pub to us where we've already enjoyed a family meal.

The Boars Head, the second nearest pub to us. We've sampled their Sunday roasts, and we dined out on Friday night in their restuarant with my father in law.

The river by the Boars Head. There were huge fish swimming about on Sunday morning, but I wasn't quick enough to catch them on camera.

Our local church.

The village store. I wondered around in here for the first time on Sunday and the shop keepers welcomed me to the area. It's a post office, dry cleaners, off license, chemist, and super market all rolled into one.

Time to sit down and rest at the cricket green. That's enough walking for one day.


Amel said...

You live in a very lovely neighborhood. :-) LOVE the pics...and crossing fingers so that one day you'll be able to move to your own cottage!!!! :-D

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, that's an awesomely lovely place!

Kate said...

The Green Man looks like my kind of place. You two have moved to paradise. Where are you now? Kent? That's my motto: it might be heaven, or it might be Kent. Chuck is over in London right now. I hope he finds the right sort of pub (a pubby pub)without me there to help him.

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. Yep, fingers crossed hey!

The World According To Me said...

Cheers Nick. We are very happy there. Will pop over to you this afternoon.

The World According To Me said...

You can't beat a quaint English pub, Kate!
We're in rural Essex. Although I can see why you thought it might be Kent. Kent is a pretty county, named England's garden.
Hope Chuck is enjoying London.

Mary said...

Love it all! Wish there were more quaint places like that here in Canada!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Mary

But you have some stunning scenery over there, from what I've seen on your blog.