Thursday, 13 June 2013

The jewell in Cornwall's crown

Legend has it, that a giant once lived on this small island. The castle at the top of the island is now home to the St Aubyn family. It's also open to visiters to stroll around and take pictures at their leisure.
Unfortunately my camera battery died after we'd arrived at this beguiling beauty spot, but luckily my iPhone came to the rescue (quality not as good, but it will have to do!).

You can walk to the island before the tide comes in, otherwise you have to catch a boat.

Flying the flag.

The castle steps.

Side on.

Castle with a view.

Spooky castle.

Looking out to sea.

The family home.

I'd like to host a dinner party in this room.

Inside the church.

Stained glass windows always tell a story.

The story continues.

This way back everyone!


Amel said...

LOVELY photosssss...and the fact that you can walk to the island before the tide comes in reminds me of the movie "The Woman in Black" (2013) with Daniel Radcliffe he he...Actually your iPhone takes very decent pics (esp. when you look at the indoor pics - my mobile phone's camera can't take any decent indoor pics esp. when it's dark inside ha ha...)! :-D

The World According To Me said...

Do you know, I've never seen Woman in Black but you've just reminded me I want to!
Not bad pics for a phone!