Monday, 10 June 2013

Step back in time

If you ever find yourself in Helston, Cornwall, and you are partial to a theme park and an historical tour, I personally recommend Flambards.
The theme park wasn't open on the day we chose, but stepping back in time was well worth the visit.

The Victorian street.

The tobaccanist.

My kind of shop.

And this one too!


The printers shop, a huge difference to the printing factory I visit and use.

Photography has come on leaps and bounds.

The rich were immaculately dressed, hats included.

The Victorian dressing room in the Victorian house. I love the attention to detail.

Time for tea.



The dispensing chemist.

Victorian time capsule shop, discoverd in 1987.

Info on the time capsule.

We are at war.

The blitz. There were sirens and darkness, this was quite eery.

Inside the Concorde. I sat in here for a while as my legs were aching from all the walking!

Info on the Concorde.

Next we visited St Michael's Mount, also known as the jewel in Cornwall's crown, but you'll have to see my next post for that!


Amel said...

FASCINATING photos!!! But I wonder why in England so many people put such an importance to hats, I wonder? Even until now people still wear such fancy hats...he he he he he...

And I shouldn't have seen that baker's photo...oh I'm DROOLING!!!!!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

I hadn't thought about it before, but we do like our hats! The Royal family are nearly always dressed in a hat, but us common folk wear them too!

I know, the cake shop makes me fancy a slice!

Kate said...

We had a similar thing when I was a kid: The Streets of Old Milwaukee. I LOVED it!

The World According To Me said...

Sounds interesing Kate. You can't beat a bit of history.