Friday, 31 May 2013

I love my bump

A friend recently reminded me that I regularly skipped dinner on a Friday night. The reason? To fit into my leather trousers and drink cider at the pub.
It was laughable really, as these were my very slim days, but I just didn’t realise how slim I was. If I could travel in a time machine back to the leather trousers nights, I would never deprive myself of a Friday night dinner. I would make it my sole mission to eat as much as I could, before slinking off to my local for a bottle of diamond white.
It was even more laughable when I realise I was blessed with slim genes during the leather and diamond white phase, and I could have eaten doughnuts and chips every day, all day, and it would not have made a remote difference.
Unlike nowadays. Still, I had good innings. For years I walked around with a slender physique, not realising how easy life was.
I do look back at that period of my life and smile. I was carefree. I was young. I was thin. But do you know what, I wouldn’t swap that tiny body and clear head for my current life. Not for all the tea in China (mind you, I’m not fond of tea so maybe this isn’t a great comparison) or all the chocolate in Cadbury’s World (this is a massive comparison as I have a very sweet tooth at mo). Nope, even if a Chinese man asked me to sign a contract, entitling me to all their tea, I would not budge. And even if I was promised all the chocolate I could ever dream of, tempting as it sounds. I would rather be busier, bigger me, with my ever growing bump.
I love my bump. I never thought I’d be so delighted to see my belly grow. It’s not unusual to see me peering in the mirror at my reflection, admiring how large I am. Because this time I can not blame my appetite and laziness. I have a real, genuine, reason for my glee.
Baby T is doing well. We’ve had 3 scans now and all his little organs and measurements are considered healthy.
And it’s a boy! We decided we wanted to know the sex, to prepare and plan, and quite frankly we were too impatient to wait.
I’ve always said that as long as it’s healthy I couldn’t care a less if it’s a boy or girl, but I know Mark is chuffed he will have a son and is already planning his football career. For me it means we can finish decorating the spare room with a splash of blue.
So yes, who cares if my belly, and probably other parts of my body, are expanding outwards. I have no intention of wearing leather trousers ever again, or spending Friday nights in a crowded pub, nursing a bottle of cider.
Besides, I can eat chocolate without feeling guilty about my waist line. And baby T and I need the energy.
I’m off to the shops now, dear readers, to stock up with treats for my Friday night in front of the telly.
Oh happy, larger, nights.
Without a whiff of skipped dinner.
And the only leather I’ll be seeing tonight, is the brown leather sofa I shall be relaxing on with my hubby and bump.


Amel said...

You've got a CUTE bump and I was right about your glow. You're still glowing strong, Nikki! :-D

No wonder they told me that some women would miss the feeling of the bump and having the baby kick around and stuff after the baby's birth he he he he...I was grinning all through the post. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!! And keep sharing the joy and photos hi hi hi...:-D

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's been a long time since I have visited. Congratulations! Lots of exciting things going on in your end of the world:)

Eryl said...

Goodness, I turn around for a minute and when I turn back I find you've moved house and are pregnant! Congratulations, you'll make a wonderful mother. And as a mother of a now grown, and married, son I can tell you that motherhood is the best experience it's possible to have. It can be tiring, and frustrating, and terribly worrying, but watching your own child grow, and learn (including making mistakes), and, finally, become an adult who doesn't need you anymore is bloody marvellous.

Congratulations again, on both your new home and your bump, X

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. Actually a few people have told me I'm glowing, so I must be doing something right. Think it's this healthy lifestyles I now have, and happy hormones.

The World According To Me said...

Cheers Such Things, lots of happy changes indeed. Hope you have a fun weekend.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Eryl

I miss your posts! Do you think you'll ever blog again? I hope all is sunny with you.
Cheers for your kind and wise words. I can't wait to be a mum, daunting as it seems at present, it's also terribly exciting!