Thursday, 23 May 2013

Common Denominators

“So what do we have in common?” I frantically asked hubby.
He looked at me blankly.
We were having one of our chats, after I’d mentioned a magazine article, because I needed to find our common denominators.
But it wasn’t really working.
In fact, the more we discussed, the clearer it became; what I liked he disliked, and what he loved, I loathed.
We were screwed.
Hubby loves sport. Particularly football. But really he likes any kind of sport - cricket, golf, tennis, all the words which bring fear into my eyes. I don’t mind watching the England football team in a nationwide league, this makes me feel all patriotic and in the past I’ve soaked up the atmosphere and wine, and cheered at the sight of David Beckham’s legs. Hey, that’s my kind of sport! Other than this, I would rather stick pins into the back of my hand than waste valuable time watching something I have no interest in whatsoever.
I love to read. I can not imagine living in a world without books. Reading brings me immense pleasure. I adore loosing myself in complicated plots and characters, and I am full of praise for authors and ideas. I don’t think hubby has ever read a book, apart from maybe a forced upon him novel at school, which he was probably too busy playing and watching sport to actual read when he was supposed to.
And what about the George Michael thing. I am surely his number one fan. Mark is not. We frequently hold the George Michael verses Elton John debate. This means we ask whoever we are in the company of, who they honestly prefer. I punch the air and shout, “One nil!” if they say George, and Mark looks smug if they choose Elton. We have even been known to download George and Elton songs and demand that the other person listens and notes George/Elton has the superior voice. Oh we never tire of winding each other up. One night we posted our debate on Facebook, whilst I posed in a George mask (from my hen do) and Mark posed in an Elton mask (we nicked it from a family party).
Then there is cooking. I am the chef of the house, and I’m rather keen on recipe books and trying out new dishes and flavours. Hubby has no interest in cooking food, despite me showing him and demonstrating how easy and enjoyable it can be. If he lived on his own he would live on take aways, and pies which you take out the box and place in the oven for 25 minutes.
“But we both like watching cooking programmes!” I triumphantly declared.
At last, I’d found something. This was true, we were both avid viewers of Master Chef. We liked to comment on the contestants cooking styles and try to guess who the winner would be.
Maybe all was not hopeless after all.
And then I actually had an intelligent thought. Yes, you might be surprised, but occasionally this can arise.
Okay, so Hubby’s favourite take away is Chinese, mine is Indian. I like to sit mostly in the shade, hubby likes to bask in the heat. But do these things really matter? Surely what matters is our outlook on life, our values, our morals, our aspirations for the future.
Now we were cooking with gas!
We are both family orientated. To us it is important to see our family as often as possible, and worry and care about them. We have both been brought up with similar backgrounds and it is imperative we carry on this way with our own children.
Arguments have no place in our relationship. I have never liked them, never will. I agree sometimes someone can push your buttons and alas some people can bring out the worst in each other. But not us. No way. We compliment each other. We discuss rather than argue, and quite frankly we can’t be bothered to get our nickers in a twist over things which could be considered irrelevant. We’re too busy having fun and being respectful and kind to each other.
“Wow, all it not lost after all,” I grinned at hubby.
He smiled contently in return, after we’d discussed our similar personalities, not hobbies, and realised we had far more in common than feared at the beginning of the conversation.
Mark returned to his football match, shouted in disgust to the ref., whilst I opened my book, stuffed more chocolate in my mouth, and happily lost myself in my make believe world...


Amel said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post. :-D You really do have a way with words he he he...which ends up making me smile and smile and smile some more. :-D

The World According To Me said...

Glad it's made you smile, Amel. I aim to please!