Monday, 25 March 2013

The python, the gecko and the chef

Meet Frankie. He’s a python and he made a rare guest appearance at our dinner party on Saturday night.

This is Toby. He’s a gecko and he doesn’t like being stroked, but he does like investigating people’s hands.

Samphire salad and scallops were our starters, expertly made by special friend’s partner (he’s a head chef in London).

Pretty, delicate, presentation. The food tasted as delicious as it looked.

Rack of lamb, encrusted with herbs, accompanied with seasonal roasted vegetables and a red wine jus.

The best cheese board ever. Rosemary crackers, rustic bread, and very strong cheese.

It was an exceedingly pleasant evening.


Amel said...

How EXOTIC!!!! I'm not sure I like being near a snake, though...he he he he...but the food sure does look GORGEOUUUUSSSSS!!! :-D I'm never someone who loves presenting food in a gorgeous way, but I LOVE looking at other people's gorgeous food presentations he he he...

ChicagoWing said...

It sounds like the snake didn't bother you at all. My mother used to be scared badly over snakes, even the ones that are harmless. Have you ever seen the GEICO insurance commercials. They show them all the time here. & they play on the words and have a talking gecko advertise for GEICO.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

I used to be a little scared of snakes, but I managed to stay calm. Although I politely said no to holding him!
The food was very well presented, not sure if I could make my food look that good?!

The World According To Me said...

Hi ChicagoWing

Years ago the snake may have bothered me but I was quite relaxed about sharing a table with him!
I've not seen the GEICO insurance commercial, sounds funny though?