Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nothing and everything

Today I considered, for a few tiny seconds, telling a whooping, great lie. Or two. Or three. Maybe more.
This was merely for reaction purposes. I am not a believer in fibbing and I do not condone telling untruths. I think one should always be honest.
But I did wonder if instead of repeating the word, “Nothing,” when asked about the previous evening’s activities, it would be more entertaining to say something along the lines of the below.
“Well, funny you should ask about last night. During my train journey home I adopted a monkey, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Then I stopped off at the circus, to perform my trapeze act. I’ve been practising and I’m really rather good at it now. Oh, did I not mention it to you? It must have slipped my mind, silly me.
After the show, which was a roaring success, I drank pink champagne with the Rolling Stones. Yep, Mick and his crew were in the audience and so impressed were they that they asked to meet me after the performances. Of course it wouldn’t be The Rolling Stones without booze. Maybe Mick had a little too much as he’s invited me and hubby to his holiday home in the Bahamas. Nice of him though. And to prove he was genuine he booked the flights there and then, and passed on his PA’s mobile number to organise the details with.
Anyway, I didn’t want to be out too late, so the circus manager paid for me to be driven home in a limo. I called Mark on route, he hadn’t eaten yet, and I was starving, so we arranged to meet at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. Have you been there? I recommend it! Food was delicious, and we were lucky enough to choose a night Jamie was working in the kitchen. He personally tossed our salad, cooked our pasta, and drizzled our dressing. He even stopped by our table to say hello and ask if were enjoying ourselves. Lovely chap he is.
We ordered take away Irish Coffees which we sipped back in the limo, whilst George Michael videos were playing on the screen. Much appreciated by yours truly! Then I discovered the limo driver is George’s cousin. How about that! He promised he’d ask George about a private concert for my friends and family for my 40th. He seemed adamant it would be fine and George would be happy to oblige.
So yeah, not a bad night I suppose. How about you? Did you do anything?”
Alas, the above elaborate words were not spoken out loud. They remained firmly and safely in my imagination.
Instead, I repeated the familiar word, “Nothing,” which was met with the usual disappointment/boredom.
I am no longer the youngest person in my department. I’m the oldest, apart from our manager. Sometimes I feel I should remind my team about this fact. Some days I’d like to mention I’ve spent years NOT staying in on weeks nights, and now it’s my time to stay in and do nothing.
However, I thought about this word nothing and it’s true meaning and realised that I had, unintentially, lied after all.
I may not have swung from a great height in a circus tent, or met a rock and roll band, but I certainly had not spent the evening doing nowt.
And I may rarely leave my home during the week these days, but I could not be accused of wasting and unfulfilling time by sitting on a chair and staring at the white walls for 5 hours. (That would be extremely dull.)
Yesterday evening I worked out on the cross trainer for 30 minutes, trying to work off the chocolate brownie I’d treated myself to at the office charity cake sale.
I then prepared a roast chicken dinner for hubby and I. Whilst the dinner was bubbling away in the oven, we googled restaurants for my 40th and decided to sample Raymond Blanc’s London brassier. Unfortunately they won’t take bookings for October yet, but at least we have now, finally, decided on the location.
After dinner I took more photographs of stuff to sell on Ebay. I’m having a clear out before the move and hoping to make some dosh. The photographs were taken whilst chatting on my mobile to my mum regarding arrangements for my cousin’s 40th in 2 weeks. I then emailed a friend to inquire the hour for our Austrian theme night on Saturday, checked Facebook and discovered the day of a friend’s christening had changed, tweeted George Michael to ask if he was participating in this year’s Comic Relief, and texted a thank you reply to a friend’s forthcoming birthday invitation.
Next I settled down to watch part 4 of a drama series I’ve been following, made hubby’s sandwiches in one break, filed away the washing in the second break, and cleaned the kitchen in the third break.
After telly I ran a bath and relaxed for 8 minutes, followed by scrubbing the bathroom for preparation for another flat viewing the next day. This was after taking the recycling downstairs, and before collapsing into bed and discussing doctor’s appointments and moving plans with hubby.
So you see, I lied. Unbeknown to me, I told a porkie pie after all.
For you could hardly say I’d spent my evening indulging in nothing, could you dear readers?


Amel said...

Seemed that you've done so many things during one night. :-D Maybe when you said "nothing", it meant "nothing that I think you may want to hear"? :-D

The World According To Me said...

I think you're right Amel! Nothing I think is worth discussing in great deal, but worth while to me all the same.