Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tag time: Liebster award

I've been tagged. Not in the Home Detention Curfew sense, I've not been a naughty girl and for my punishment I must obey curfew times with an electronic tag around my ankle. No, it's nothing as serious as that.
It's purely for blogging purposes. is my tagger and 11 questions is the theme. Pop over to her place, dear readers, I recommend a good read.

So here's what I have to do.

Reveal 11 facts about myself:
I have a tattoo on my bottom. It says 'Enjoy Oneself' in Chinese. I kind of like that motto. At least I hope it says that, it could say kung pao chicken and mushroom rice.

I have no middle name. I still moan about this to my parents. All my friends have middle names! Why can't I have an exotic second name, or a fascinating story and superior relation I was named after?

I have short arms. This is a fact because on new years eve we all measured our arms and mine were 4 inches shorter than they should be, in comparison to my height. I did not know this until new years eve, but now I feel a bit freakish and keep looking at them.

I have 3 scars on my left hand. Two are from falling through a pane of glass, aged 6 and one is from slicing my hand on a scalpel whilst opening the post, aged 25.

I can play Kum Ba Yah on the piano.

I am slightly double jointed and can do very weird things with my thumbs.

I was once interviewed by a local newspaper and my picture was printed. It was for a feature on Essex Girls.

I have appeared on a television show called This Morning. I was approached in the street and asked about baldness. I rambled on and then stuck my thumb up at the end and said, "Here's to baldness!" I've no idea why I did that. My colleagues watched it in the office the following day and could not stop laughing.

I was knocked down by a car on my 22nd birthday and spent the night in hospital. I'd arranged for myself and a mini bus of friends to visit a night club, I stepped off the mini bus and BAM! I hit a car windscreen and the road. Apparently I got up and said, "Can we still go dancing?" We didn't, I knew by the horrified looks on my friend's faces that I was not looking good.

My letter referring to Big Brother was printed in Heat magazine. I won't reveal what I said, it wasn't very charitable.

I can say, "Where is wine?" in Greek. What else is there to learn?

My 11 Questions From Lillies and Love:
- How old are you? Old enough to know better.
- What are your favourite boys and girls names? Currently it's Abigail for a girl, Thomas for a boy.
- If you could have any career, what would it be? George Michael's PA, George Michael's backing singer, George Michael's personal photographer. I don't really mind which.
- Who are the three people you consider your heroes/heroines? My mum, dad, and husband. I also quite like Batman.
- What has been the proudest moment of your life so far? My wedding day, the moment we were officially announced man and wife, and all our family and friends cheered. I was chuffed.
- What ambitions do you have? To have a short story or novel published, become a successful photographer, to be a proud parent. Not necessarily in that order.
- Do you have a lucky number? I use birthdays and anniversaries for my lottery numbers, I'm still hoping they will be lucky one day.
- If you won £17,000,000 on the lottery, what would you do with it? I'd treat all my friends and family to a holiday of a life time, then I'd have fun for the rest of my life!
- If you could spend 2-weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go? I'm fortunate enough to have been to many wonderful places from my wish list. But I haven't drank coffee and eaten a bagel in New York yet, and then it would be nice to relax on Richard Branson's Necker island and be treated like royalty.
- What is your favourite film and television programme? To name one film is tricky, The Shining is in my top five, and I could watch Come Dine With Me all day long.
- If you could only read three books for the rest of your life, what would they be? Probably Harry Potter, I love the other world JK Rowling created.

My 11 questions to my tags:
If you could bring any law into society what would it be?

If you were invisible for the day what would you do?

Name your favourite biscuit.

If the Queen of England came to your house for tea, what would you cook her?

Would you rather have one arm or one leg?

If you found £50 what would you do with it?

If you could make your own cheese, what would you call it?

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

If you met the president of the United States of America, what would you say to him?

If you could blast 3 things into a black hole, what would they be?

If you were a packet of crisps which one would you be and why?

These questions are for:<


Amel said...

Oh dear goodness, Nikki...falling through a pane of glass?

You have no middle name? Well, I had no last name in Indo 'coz the government refused to add my Dad's surname to my birth certificate. Go figure! Lots of people born during those years had the same problem. However, when I had my first passport, the officials DID add my Dad's surname there for some weird reason. So in my Indo ID I still have no surname, but I've kept my Dad's surname since then in all my IDs here.

You've got TOUGH questions for me...I'll have to think about 'em...

Lillies and Love said...

I loved reading this post, finding out little facts about people is so much fun! I had no idea you’d been run over, but kudos to you for wanting to get up and go dancing!

I’ve already done the Liebster Award on my blog, so to save my readers from seeing it again, I thought I’d answer your questions in your comments box. (Hope that’s ok?)

If you could bring any law into society what would it be? Tougher punishment for animal cruelty.

If you were invisible for the day what would you do? Go to my boyfriend’s work and every time he turned his back, move the thing he was using. I take pride in my ability to annoy him, so this would be brilliant.

Name your favourite biscuit. I love jammy dodgers but am also partial to an Oreo (or five).

If the Queen of England came to your house for tea, what would you cook her? Beans on toast, just to line our stomach before we start on the champagne (as she’s a guest, I assume she would be bringing a bottle?)

Would you rather have one arm or one leg? One leg. I can drive an automatic with one leg, but I need both arms for multi-taking (ie steering and changing the radio station).

If you found £50 what would you do with it? I’d like to say I would hand it in to the police, but honestly? I think I’d spend £25 and give the other £25 to charity to ease my conscience.

If you could make your own cheese, what would you call it? Peeny. Just so I could stand in the supermarket and say “Ooh, there’s that Peeny, I really fancy some of that” or “I love that Peeny, it’s so gorgeous”

If you had a time machine, where would you go? Either back to the Victorian or Tudor times, just for a day so I could see what they looked like. Or both, if I had time (excuse the pun).

If you met the president of the United States of America, what would you say to him? “How much money have you got in your pocket, right now?”

If you could blast 3 things into a black hole, what would they be? Body image issues, animal cruelty and the Mini Coupe (it offends my eyes).

If you were a packet of crisps which one would you be and why? I’d be a packet of Pom Bears. Because they’re crisps shaped like teddy bears; it doesn’t get much better than that.


Eryl said...

You have had a fascinating time of it!

I'm about to write my last ever post for the kitchen bitch (long overdue) so won't be able to play, but thanks for asking.

pilgrimchick said...

Thanks for sharing the information--interesting read!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel
Well I never, no second name on your birth certificate, I've not heard of that before. I can't understand their reasoning either. I look forward to your answers. Sorry if they're tough!

Loving your answers Lillies and Love. I agree with you about animal cruelty, makes me mad, sad and sick when I hear cruel stories. I'd love to work somewhere to help poorly animals but I think I would be crying all day and want to punch the abusers!
I would hope the Queen brings a bottle too, that made me laugh!

Eryl, you can't go?! I'm coming over to see you.

Pilgrimchick, I've tagged you to if you fancy having a bash?

ChicagoWing said...

Reveal 11 facts about myself:
I am left handed.
I am having a hard time with my legal career, but my career as a retail salesman is better. I’m at eBay @ . I had my best month ever in January (& Jan. is not even over !! :) But I’m worried b/c I’m also launching a website to sell generators. I’ve gotten at least 3 hrs. LESS sleep per night since Jan. 7 more to come about that on my blog.
I am a son of a dairy farmer and milked cows for over 20 yrs.
I am the father of 2 sons and 1 daughter. My oldest, at 6 ft. 3 inches is taller than I am. By the way do they measure people differently in Europe. (I mean do you not use feet and inches but meters instead??)
I have an egg-shaped birthmark with a dot on it on my buttock.
I’ve never broken a bone, but I’ve got stitches in 2 places. My left calf and my right knee.
I wonder sometimes if I’m good enough. :(

I write for Wikipedia and have about 10 entries that I have either heavily edited or originated at Wikipedia. 95% of my written work has been on rock n’ roll music. My 1st substantial historical edit was on King Henry VII. I wrote about him, b/c I love English history!
I like to drive fast.
I still feel sad about my divorce in 2003. We didn’t cheat on each other, but we argued way, way too much!
I received my 1st complaint as an eBay seller today :( . It wasn’t my fault, I swear !

My 11 Questions
Was I asked questions? I don’t know. I’m a little dense, too, lol.

My 11 questions to my tags:
Why won’t any attorney in downtown Chicago hire me as a paralegal? I’m good enough and not too old! I promise :( !
If you picked 5 musical CDs and couldn’t listen to anymore music other than those 5 CDs tell me what they would be?
Do you think Guns n Roses are too rude and nasty?
Do you like Florence & the Machine? (I love them!)
Do you like Adele or is she over-rated? (I like her)
What would you ask the leader of Finland, Amel?
What 3 things should we ask Prime Minister Cameron?
Do you like Bruce Springsteen or is he over-rated?
Are you glad the band, Rush, finally made the Rock n Roll HALL OF FAME?? I’m ecstatic about it !!!!! :)

What’s your favorite cold cereal?
Would you eat oatmeal in the summer? What if you hadn’t eaten in 5 hours?

By the way, I love all of your blogs. You are all awesome writers ! Give yourself a hug, lol.

Amel said...

Here goes my answers, Nikki! :-D

Tag: Liebster Award

The World According To Me said...

Hi Vince
I'd like to read your Henry V11 entry. Glad to hear January has been a good month for your ebay site.
I hope you're hired soon! Don't give up hope.
My 5 CDs would be The best of Wham! Ladies and Gentleman, by George Michael, 25 by George Michael, Faith by George Michael, Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael. Sorry, dare I say it, I've not really listened to Guns and Roses so I don't think it's fair to answer that one.
Yep, I do like Florence & the Machine.
I like Adele, she has a beautiful voice and has written some beautiful lyrics. The only problem I have is her music is so main stream now it gets played to death and you can have too much of a good thing (apart from George!).
Ask Cameron if he still wants to hug a hoody, if Nick Clegg is still his favourite political joke, and want he is proud of since being elected.
I like Bruce and his music, he's not really my cup of tea, but I like him.
Good news with Rush!
Presently it's Alpen as it's healthy and filling.
I would eat oatmeal in the summer, wouldn't be my first choice, but I'd eat it.

The World According To Me said...

Amel, coming right over to your place.

ChicagoWing said...

Here's the link:
I want to reiterate that I did not start this article in Wikipedia. I added information about the King's oldest son dying (Arthur whose grieving wife became Henry VIII's FIRST WIFE), wrote the last paragraph for the heading "Trade Agreements" & added sentences here and there elsewhere on the King's entry.
Thanks for your interest :)

The World According To Me said...

Thanks, I'm impressed. A very interesting and informative read.