Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I casually switched on my lap top, completely unaware that I was about to view something which would change my life forever.
I balanced my mug of hot chocolate and marmite on toast, and clicked on the Internet connection.
And that was the moment my story began.
It was roughly 10am on a Saturday morning. I was half asleep and still wearing my Christmas pyjamas, unprepared and unplanned for the information on my computer screen.
In my surprise and excitement, I nearly scalded my tongue on my Cadbury’s drinking chocolate, and almost dropped my slice of toast on the brown rug.
“Mark!” I shrieked.
Mark, hearing the urgency in my voice, rushed into the lounge to see what all the commotion was about.
He took one look at my face and knew it was serious.
I pointed at the screen, unable to talk.
“Blimey!” said Mark.
We both stared ahead, unable to believe our eyes.
It was as if the world had stopped revolving, and the birds had stopped singing.
All was deafeningly quiet, whilst Mark and I digested the images and read the words displayed loudly and proudly.
“Where’s my phone?”
I broke the silence and brought us back down to earth with a bump.
My hands were practically shaking whilst I punched in the numbers on my mobile. (Maybe it was the lack of breakfast, my toast had long been discarded.)
I had to make the telephone call. I could not, under any circumstances, let this opportunity pass us by.
I spoke to the gentleman on the other end of the telephone line and questions were asked and arrangements were made.
We visited the image on the screen the very next day.
A two bedroom home, in a grade 2 listed building, situated on a private road, in beautiful grounds, but not far from the bustling high street, in a sought after area, a few miles from my parent’s town.
It was everything we had been looking for, and more.
For this building meant we could take our first step onto the property ladder, no more renting! The ideal home we could actually afford.
We fell a little bit in love with the property. And after viewing we returned to the polka dot home and decided to make an offer to the estate agent, and seek advise from a mortgage advisor.
25 days have passed and things are moving at a swift pace. I’ve already bought 2 patchwork cushions and an embroidered heart lamp shade for our new home.
Okay, the contracts have not been signed yet, but everything so far has been a dream.
Keep everything crossed for us, dearest readers.
I think a brand spanking new, exciting chapter in our lives, is about to begin.


Amel said...'s to a new beginning!!!! What a great start of 2013! It reminds me of the time when we heard of an unexpected offer of this house of ours. CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS and hope everything works out well! :-D I can't wait to see your dream home! :-D

Lillies and Love said...

Exciting! Fab news! Can't wait to hear all about your new place once you're in there! xx

What Happened 2 Vince? (Part 2) said...

just like the old cliché, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life..."
I remember when my ex & I bought our condo way, way back in 1994. (How many of you remember what 1994 was like, lol??)
My very dear, father-in-law who passed away the same year both my parents died (2011) SOLD US the condo b/c he was a real estate agent. I was asked later to review how well he did & I gave him a really glowing review.
But the funny thing was that my ex asked him something that was on my mind. "Dad?"
"Dad, what if we can't afford to make the monthly payment to the bank?"........I smile thinking about it. That condo got my ex, our 3 kids and me through some very tough times. Now, I will probably live at this nice condo another 30 yrs., God willing. The nice thing is that I will probably get it refinanced again and make things financially better.
& you know what? That condo we still own (my ex & I, she didn't want to be "bought out") has seen some very, very good times.
I sure hope when you write about the 1st home purchase you ever made, 19 yrs. from now, that you are still very happily married !! I hope you get the house !! :)

Kate said...

Isn't is SOOOO stressful, but SOOOO much fun at the same time? Show us some photos!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. Don't worry, expect lots of pics when we (fingers crossed) move!
Cheers Lillies and Love. I shall be updating when it all comes together.
Thanks Whatever happened to Vince. I bet the condo has seen some very good time. If walls could talk hey.
Oh yes Kate, I have already felt the stress levels rising, and still plenty more stress to come I imagine. I'm viewing again soon so I'l take some snaps.