Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I casually switched on my lap top, completely unaware that I was about to view something which would change my life forever.
I balanced my mug of hot chocolate and marmite on toast, and clicked on the Internet connection.
And that was the moment my story began.
It was roughly 10am on a Saturday morning. I was half asleep and still wearing my Christmas pyjamas, unprepared and unplanned for the information on my computer screen.
In my surprise and excitement, I nearly scalded my tongue on my Cadbury’s drinking chocolate, and almost dropped my slice of toast on the brown rug.
“Mark!” I shrieked.
Mark, hearing the urgency in my voice, rushed into the lounge to see what all the commotion was about.
He took one look at my face and knew it was serious.
I pointed at the screen, unable to talk.
“Blimey!” said Mark.
We both stared ahead, unable to believe our eyes.
It was as if the world had stopped revolving, and the birds had stopped singing.
All was deafeningly quiet, whilst Mark and I digested the images and read the words displayed loudly and proudly.
“Where’s my phone?”
I broke the silence and brought us back down to earth with a bump.
My hands were practically shaking whilst I punched in the numbers on my mobile. (Maybe it was the lack of breakfast, my toast had long been discarded.)
I had to make the telephone call. I could not, under any circumstances, let this opportunity pass us by.
I spoke to the gentleman on the other end of the telephone line and questions were asked and arrangements were made.
We visited the image on the screen the very next day.
A two bedroom home, in a grade 2 listed building, situated on a private road, in beautiful grounds, but not far from the bustling high street, in a sought after area, a few miles from my parent’s town.
It was everything we had been looking for, and more.
For this building meant we could take our first step onto the property ladder, no more renting! The ideal home we could actually afford.
We fell a little bit in love with the property. And after viewing we returned to the polka dot home and decided to make an offer to the estate agent, and seek advise from a mortgage advisor.
25 days have passed and things are moving at a swift pace. I’ve already bought 2 patchwork cushions and an embroidered heart lamp shade for our new home.
Okay, the contracts have not been signed yet, but everything so far has been a dream.
Keep everything crossed for us, dearest readers.
I think a brand spanking new, exciting chapter in our lives, is about to begin.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tag time: Liebster award

I've been tagged. Not in the Home Detention Curfew sense, I've not been a naughty girl and for my punishment I must obey curfew times with an electronic tag around my ankle. No, it's nothing as serious as that.
It's purely for blogging purposes. is my tagger and 11 questions is the theme. Pop over to her place, dear readers, I recommend a good read.

So here's what I have to do.

Reveal 11 facts about myself:
I have a tattoo on my bottom. It says 'Enjoy Oneself' in Chinese. I kind of like that motto. At least I hope it says that, it could say kung pao chicken and mushroom rice.

I have no middle name. I still moan about this to my parents. All my friends have middle names! Why can't I have an exotic second name, or a fascinating story and superior relation I was named after?

I have short arms. This is a fact because on new years eve we all measured our arms and mine were 4 inches shorter than they should be, in comparison to my height. I did not know this until new years eve, but now I feel a bit freakish and keep looking at them.

I have 3 scars on my left hand. Two are from falling through a pane of glass, aged 6 and one is from slicing my hand on a scalpel whilst opening the post, aged 25.

I can play Kum Ba Yah on the piano.

I am slightly double jointed and can do very weird things with my thumbs.

I was once interviewed by a local newspaper and my picture was printed. It was for a feature on Essex Girls.

I have appeared on a television show called This Morning. I was approached in the street and asked about baldness. I rambled on and then stuck my thumb up at the end and said, "Here's to baldness!" I've no idea why I did that. My colleagues watched it in the office the following day and could not stop laughing.

I was knocked down by a car on my 22nd birthday and spent the night in hospital. I'd arranged for myself and a mini bus of friends to visit a night club, I stepped off the mini bus and BAM! I hit a car windscreen and the road. Apparently I got up and said, "Can we still go dancing?" We didn't, I knew by the horrified looks on my friend's faces that I was not looking good.

My letter referring to Big Brother was printed in Heat magazine. I won't reveal what I said, it wasn't very charitable.

I can say, "Where is wine?" in Greek. What else is there to learn?

My 11 Questions From Lillies and Love:
- How old are you? Old enough to know better.
- What are your favourite boys and girls names? Currently it's Abigail for a girl, Thomas for a boy.
- If you could have any career, what would it be? George Michael's PA, George Michael's backing singer, George Michael's personal photographer. I don't really mind which.
- Who are the three people you consider your heroes/heroines? My mum, dad, and husband. I also quite like Batman.
- What has been the proudest moment of your life so far? My wedding day, the moment we were officially announced man and wife, and all our family and friends cheered. I was chuffed.
- What ambitions do you have? To have a short story or novel published, become a successful photographer, to be a proud parent. Not necessarily in that order.
- Do you have a lucky number? I use birthdays and anniversaries for my lottery numbers, I'm still hoping they will be lucky one day.
- If you won £17,000,000 on the lottery, what would you do with it? I'd treat all my friends and family to a holiday of a life time, then I'd have fun for the rest of my life!
- If you could spend 2-weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go? I'm fortunate enough to have been to many wonderful places from my wish list. But I haven't drank coffee and eaten a bagel in New York yet, and then it would be nice to relax on Richard Branson's Necker island and be treated like royalty.
- What is your favourite film and television programme? To name one film is tricky, The Shining is in my top five, and I could watch Come Dine With Me all day long.
- If you could only read three books for the rest of your life, what would they be? Probably Harry Potter, I love the other world JK Rowling created.

My 11 questions to my tags:
If you could bring any law into society what would it be?

If you were invisible for the day what would you do?

Name your favourite biscuit.

If the Queen of England came to your house for tea, what would you cook her?

Would you rather have one arm or one leg?

If you found £50 what would you do with it?

If you could make your own cheese, what would you call it?

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

If you met the president of the United States of America, what would you say to him?

If you could blast 3 things into a black hole, what would they be?

If you were a packet of crisps which one would you be and why?

These questions are for:<

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sunsets in Santorini

January, you're up to your old tricks.
We were all having such a nice time, then you blasted your way into the calendar.
But despite your threats of debt, diets and grey skies, I'm determined you won't get me down.
I'm going to reflect on my amazing 2012 and it's memories, and make way for new ones.
Besides, I have my sunsets in Santorini to remind me of happy days. Happy sunny days from our honeymoon.

Our apartment, with private roof terrace overlooking the volcano. (Luckily it hasn't erupted in over 3,600 years.)

Our pool in the cliffs.

We spent a fair bit of time on our balcony, sunbathing, reading, eating and drinking.

Breakfast was a grand affair.

The bustling and pretty capital, Thira, was a few steps away from our apartment.

The Harbour could be found by zig zaging down the path...

or by travelling by donkey.

We took a boat trip to the volcano

We sunbathed on the beach and made friends with the dogs.

And drank a cheeky cocktail.

We took a few bus rides to the stunning town of Oia.

We dined out and ate lots of Greek salads with feta cheese.

Santorini, the Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, is steeped in history and views. It really is a magical place.
January, even you can't stop me from smiling when I remember the sunsets in Santorini.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Little green men

Do you believe in aliens?
I wouldn’t say they’re top of my ‘things I believe in’ list, along with chocolate bars should grow on trees, cheese should be free, and George Michael should be my friend.
But I am starting to query these little green men. That’s how I imagine aliens to be, small with funny coloured skin.
Because how else could you explain these out of body/out of the ordinary/bizarre sentences and situations which have recently occurred in my life?
That’s why I’m suspicious. Not wishing to sound paranoid but I’m wondering if they’ve entered the polka dot home at twilight, somehow invaded my sleeping body, and messed around with my thought process.
This would explain the industry awards party where I was not the last person standing/wobbling at the bar.
And what about the fact I would now rather stay at home and make a moussaka, than gallivant around London and the joining counties?
Last but not least, this must be the reason why recently I uttered the following words, “No, I’m not coming to the office Christmas party this year.”
After I’d finished uttering these words, I nearly looked around in surprise and said, “Who said that?” Because these words have never before left my lips. I did not think I was ever capable of saying no to an office Christmas party.
Back in the days when aliens had not broken into my home and experimented on me, I loved office Christmas parties.
The tales I could tell you. I laugh and I cringe at the memories.
There was the year I lent back on the wall, only to find there was no wall, and I fell off my chair. This was also the year I actually quoted, “Do you know how important I am?” when I was refused entry to the after party at Kensington Roof Gardens.
Not forgetting the time my colleague and I thought it would be funny to place chocolate fingers anywhere and everywhere, including the gents toilets, bosses bag/coat. My boss was not impressed when they melted in his pockets and rucksack, into a gooey, chocolate mess.
And how about the time I wore a blonde plaited wig all night and during my journey home, spoke in a Swedish accent and pretended my name was Heidi.
I’ve fallen over on dance floors, conducted surveys in the street where I’ve asked strangers, in an animated fashion, if they preferred George Michael or Elton John. I’ve sang Wham! songs to cab drivers, recited words from Eric The Banana Man to commuters, and I’ve got the wrong train home.
Oh it was all immense fun at the time.
Until those pesky green men tampered with my brain.
It must be their fault, why else would this be happening to me? Saying no to the office Christmas party, being sensible at an award evening, staying in to cook mousakka.
It couldn’t possibly be anything to do with growing up…could it?
Nah, I’ll keep blaming those aliens.