Sunday, 4 November 2012

The day I met George Michael

It was a typical Autumn day; blustery, leaves cascading from their trees, and a slight chill in the air.
I emerged from under my duvet; sleepy, feeling apprehensive, and a little bit excited.
Wiping the dreams from my eyes, I glanced at my sacred George Michael ticket.
The day had finally arrived!
George Michael was performing at Earls Court, London, and thanks to a fellow Twitter fan, I was privileged with inside knowledge of a public house literally opposite his postal address.
I'll be honest with you, I did not think for one tiny moment that I would actually be lucky enough to see his face appear from his dwellings.
I even felt a shade of guilt for interrupting his personal life with this private information.
But never the less, I found myself outside his grand house, with my friend, and I don't mind admitting, my hands were shaking.
Especially when George's driver looked at the twenty something crowd outside his gates and spoke.
"You'll have to clear a path for him. You can take pictures but you can't ask him for pictures with you."
I looked at my friend and silently screamed.
I remember thinking, is this really happening to me? Am I really outside George Michael's house, awaiting for him to appear, hands trembling and poised with my camera phone?
Someone pinch me.
Second thoughts, please don't, let me live this fantasy forever.
Next, something amazing happened.
I was the first person he saw.
(What did you expect dear readers, I'd pushed and politely shoved my way to the front, like my future depended on it.)
Our eyes met.
I remained unbelievably calm for someone who was living one of the greatest, anticipated, moments of their entire life.
And I said to him, "Hi George!"
In my humble frame of mind I could not think of anything interesting or ground breaking, or a conversation starter.
Merely, "Hi George!"
He looked at me and smiled.
He let me take his picture.
It was as if time stood still.
After twenty five years of watching this super star on the silver screen, in pop videos and in interviews, and on tour, I was feet away from him. In real life!
I could see the fake tan on his face.
The white veneers on his teeth.
The causal track suit he was wearing.
And that smile.
Just for me.
Until all the other fans jumped on the band wagon and he had to move!
For as long as I live, and breathe air in this wonderful world, I will never, ever, forget that typical autumn day.
The day I met George Michael.


Amel said...

I have been wondering about how you managed to do this when you posted the pic in FB hi hi I know!!!!! I can imagine how giddy it must've felt. WOOHOOOOOOOO!!! I'm glad you managed to get this chance! :-D :-D :-D

The World According To Me said...

Arr, now you know Amel. And you know how giddy I must have felt! Still can't believe it really happened! Happy weekend.