Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fragment's of fragrances

Freshly baked bread on a frosty winter's day.
The aroma of morning coffee beans to stir your sleepy thoughts.
The gentle sea breeze accompanied with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, reminisce of a childhood holiday.
Just a few fragment's of fragrances to tantalise your senses.
How powerful various whiffs can be!
I was reminded of this one recent Saturday at The Hilton hotel with my mother.
Twenty something of us attended a create your own perfume experience, followed by afternoon tea in the library.
Paper sticks were circulated, our eager noses trying to guess the smells, their place in society, and why we are drawn to certain odors.
Citrus, for the fun loving, adventurous spirit. Sandlewood, for the sensual, calming people in this world. Just a couple of the not so secret ingredients I concocted for my own personal perfume.
It was great way to spend a Saturday. And for the naming cermony of my navy atomiser, Blessings, was the chosen one.
Blessings, the title of the top table at our wedding. The top table full to the brim with special people, confirming I am truly blessed in this crazy life.
The strawberry and blackberry tart afterwards, washed down with mint tea, smelt pretty good too!


Amel said...

Ahhhhh...I feel blissful just by reading this post, you know? :-) And drooling over the I want some sweet snacks! :-D

The World According To Me said...

The afternoon lunch was heaven on a plate!