Friday, 3 August 2012

The night the Queen fell from the sky

Unless you've been living on the planet Pluto, or in a shoe cupboard under the stairs, with no contact to the outside world, you’ll know Olympics 2012 has arrived in London.
I’m assuming (I hope you don't mind) that you are not reading this from another, faraway, planet. Or your home is not a weenie, whiffy cupboard full of shoes, and no internet connection.
Did you watch the opening ceremony, dear readers? It may not have shown at a suitable time frame in your part of this world, but I’m guessing you could have caught a snippet, or perhaps read about the 3 hours and 45 minutes directed by England’s very own Danny Boyle.
Call me bias, proud to be British (not all the time, but on this particular evening in history), because I think we know how to put on a paartay!
Boyfriend and I watched from our sofa, after chicken fajitas, and a cheeky glass of vodka and diet coke. And we were mesmerised by the 42 inch screen displayed on our lounge/dining room/kitchen wall.
Danny took us all on a trip along memory lane.
It began with fluffy clouds and a rural utopia of bygone England, with beautiful choir singing. Moving onto the Industrial Revolution, followed by a horde of Mary Poppins floating on black umbrellas.
Lord Voldemort, he who shall not be named, even popped in to say hello. Oh and so did, "The name's Bond, James Bond," and the Queen parachuted from her helicopter. I have a sneaky suspicion it was not the real Queen, imagine the insurance cost, and her majesty arriving legs akimbo, but it was funny all the same.
We were treated to an audio cornucopia of classic British music featuring the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and dancing nurses and children paid tribute to the NHS.
I did not even dare to visit the bathroom, for fear of missing another glimpse of the story.
Facebook and Twitter were alive and kicking with the comments and praise. There were statuses and tweets regarding Mr Bean dozing off whilst playing the keyboard, and one fellow facebooker remarked, “We’ve finally reached S!” in referral to the very long country count down.
Okay, boyfriend may have snored his way through S, alas it was past his bedtime, and I may have been over engrossed with my iPhone, replying to and writing amusing words, and forgot to watch some of the young athletes lighting the cauldron.
But we were there, on the brown leather sofa, on Friday 27th July 2012. The day a billion people from all over the world looked in at the Olympic stadium, when the 2012 games began.
Let the competitions and the medals commence!
Good luck everyone.


Nick Phillips said...

You guys did an awesome job with the opening ceremony! I especially enjoyed the Rowan Atkinson skit :D

Amel said...

I'm one of the rare few who haven't actually watched it!!! I should go watch it later, but I've been busy doing other stuff, esp. preparing for our summer holiday which is coming up SOON HA HA HA HA HA HA...:-D

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Nick! Yep, Rowan was funny hey.

The World According To Me said...

I think you had a good excuse Amel. Happy holiday! You can't beat them!